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Morkie Breed Information – Facts and Personality Traits

Are you planning on getting a pet for your child’s thirteenth birthday? Perhaps, you want a pet for yourself to have someone at home to go to after a busy day. The latter is sad but understandable.

The pet we are talking about here is a Morkie dog.

These dogs are trendy among people who like keeping dogs as pets. They are playful and adorable little creatures with the energy of a leopard.

If you have another pet at your home and you have decided to adopt a Morkshire Terrier as well, then you will be glad to know that Morkies get along very well with other animals such as a cat or another breed of a dog.

  • Breed Family: Cross-Breed
  • Height: 8-10 inches
  • Weight: 6-10 pounds
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Dog-Friendly: 4/5
  • Price: $1,000 to $3,000
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Morkie – Breed Overview:

As this tiny dog was developed from a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier, it makes it prone to several health issues.

Morkie is a hybrid which is not considered an official dog whereas its parents are part of the kennel clubs. However, a setback of artificially growing a breed is that you can never be sure of the results.

There’s high unreliability. It is preferred if you get the dog from a prominent breeder who has bred the Morkies using more natural methods.

Such adaptable dog is likely to be healthy and immune to a few health issues.

A well-bred dog is expected to thrive easily as a pet as its parents, Maltese and Yorkie, are very popular pets among many people around the world.

These dogs are descended from profound ancestors, which inspires their positive and loving behavior.

“Maltese (Left) + Yorkshire Terrier (Right)”

Morkie Parent

Coat, Color and Grooming:

They appear very tiny and sweet to the human eye. Their perfect skeleton is coated with very soft, curly, and silky skin.

What’s interesting is that their skin can be a combination of various colors. Some common ones are black and white, black and brown, and it can also be the color of an apricot.

They shed very little hair, making them suitable for people who are allergic to animal hair stuck on carpets and their surroundings.

However, they require less grooming than other dogs and are known to be very trustworthy and compliant.

These teddy bear lookalikes are energetic and are always willing to do fun things with you to cheer you up.

Personality and Behavior:

Maltese Yorkie Mix PersonalityAs mentioned above, these dogs are full of joy and always ready to play. They are full of energy that they can play fetch with you for hours and still not get tired.

When you get home after having a long day at the office, these little dogs will be awaiting your return. They will keep following you around the house; wherever you go, whatever you do, they will stick with you.

If it is not apparent by now, you should know that they are attention seeking puppies.

It’s funny that Morkie dogs are unaware of the fact that they are small and delicate as they appear to be very courageous when faced with a giant dog or another animal that is taller than them. They always stand their ground firmly and confidently.

Moreover, it should be noted that they are very alarming when new people are visiting your home.

It is recommended that you always take them to the same vet as they tend to be aggressive when meeting with a new face.

Morkshire Terrier dogs are keen pets who bark on hearing usual noises like footsteps approaching, banging car doors and even birds singing in your backyard.

Weight & Size:

If you are planning to adopt a newborn dog shortly then, be aware that it will take your pet over a year to fully grow.

Moreover, an average Maltese and Yorkie Mix pup can weigh from 6 pounds to 10 pounds. They can appear to be 8 to 10 inches tall.

While we are at it, let me tell you that these lab dogs have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Morkshire Terrier Weight & Size

Exercise Requirements:

As soon as you bring your dog home, buy a ball or a plastic toy so you can play fetch with your new friend in your free time in your house or the backyard.

You can also come up with new exciting games to keep your pet active and cheerful.

Morkies have tiny legs, which makes it difficult for them to cover long distances. However, short walks around the block or the park are enough to keep them healthy.

Maltese Yorkie Mix Training:

These dogs are sweet and loyal but can be a nuisance if not trained right. They can be pretty aggressive and a bit relentless, so the owner has to be very tolerant and calm throughout the whole training process.

You can begin training them once your dog is fully vaccinated. It is advisable for the trainer to treat the puppy with love while avoiding any negative gestures so that the dog is brought up in a positive environment.

If you don’t want to take your dog to your office meetings, workplace or fancy parties, then start training him from a young age to spend short periods alone as they get anxious if left all by themselves.

“3-5 Years Old Morkie Journey”

Canine Conditioning:

The hair growth of these dogs is fast and if left unattended, can grow into long ropes of hair. To prevent this, get your pet’s hair trimmed in six to eight weeks to help him maintain his good looks.

To retain your pet’s dental hygiene, make sure you brush his teeth daily using a hand toothbrush or a toothpaste. Preferably, this should be done when the dog is a couple of weeks old so that it could become a part of his daily routine.

Wash his hair to keep them clear of any impurities using a shampoo made especially for dogs as regular shampoos can be harmful to their skin.

Abnormalities in Health:

Morkshire Terrier HealthAs adorable these dogs are, they tend to inherit a few irregularities from their parents.

  • Disintegrating Trachea – This is very frequent in grown-up Morkies, which worsens as a result of obesity. This impairment in their windpipe leads to a harsh and noisy cough after excessive exercise or any other physical activity.
  • Cryptorchidism – This is usually the case with their left testicle. This is when the movie’s testicles are unable to drop as they grow up properly. The testicles are supposed to grow close to the kidney just beneath the skin of the scrotum.
  • Dental Disease – These little dogs have tiny jaws and weak teeth due to which they are unable to chew hard foods. Hence, they may suffer from gum disease and tooth plague.
  • Glaucoma – Morkies can suffer from losing their eyesight and fluid pressure as a result of excessive leakage within their eyes. They can be in extreme pain in such condition.
  • Portosystemic Shunt – A condition where these dogs are born with an additional blood vessel that disrupts normal blood circulation. Hence, harmful bacteria effects their brain and other body parts. This makes your puppy inactive and slightly short.
  • Hypoglycemia – Due to insufficient sugar level and comparatively high metabolism, these puppies can find it hard to eat enough food to meet the needs of their body. This leads to inefficiency and weakness, which may increase in case they are not fed properly.
  • Hernias – A muscle deficiency in abdomen allowing irregular bones to branch out under the skin. It usually originates inside the belly and the crotch. This more noticeable in young dogs.

Morkshire Terrier Dietary Needs:

Did you get yourself a Morkie pup but have no idea what or how to feed him? Here’s what you should know about your pet’s appetite.

The quantity of food your pet will eat depends on its size, age, and weight.

Usually, Morkies have enormous appetites and can eat a significant amount of food regardless of their small size. It should be noted that just because he can eat a lot of food does not mean that you should allow it.

You can feed your Morkie the usual dog food that is mostly available in the local supermarkets as it is rich in all the proteins and numerous other nutrients that are necessary for your pet.

However, it is recommended that before feeding him, you should ask your veterinarian’s advice to ensure your pet’s safety.

As mentioned earlier, Maltese Yorkie Mix dogs can develop a few dental diseases. Hence, it is suggested that you buy the finest and stale dog food available in the stores for your pet. Otherwise, their teeth are exposed to cavities and plague.

Morkie Dietary Needs

Sleeping Schedule:

The first thing is if you live nearby a railway track then getting a Morkshire Terrier would be a bad idea.

Morkies tend to wake up from their naps when they hear a loud noise outside the house. An unusual occurrence is likely to do the same.

These adorable dogs are expected to sleep during the night to get a refill of energy but can also take a couple of naps during the day.

A normal Maltese and Yorkie Mix likes to snooze on the owner’s lap and could sleep for 7 to 10 hours.

Social & Anti-social:

Social & Anti-socialIt is suggested for a Morkie owner to get a second pet, preferably another dog, to keep your dog company when you leave for work. Otherwise, they will start barking and make so much noise that your neighbors will start hating you for it.

Morkies love everyone and are very friendly, which makes them attractive among people.

If your dog isn’t allowed to play to with other dogs at a young age, then they will become the opposite of social, i.e., anti-social. They will be shy and anxious when engaging with another dog once they mature.

As a result, they can quickly feel threatened or become aggressive while facing another animal.

To avoid this and give your pet a good experience, make sure you let him interact with other pets daily by taking him to parks and dog playgrounds.

Morkie – Quick Guidelines:

  1. To treat their hypoglycemia, try feeding them small amounts of food forcefully along with liquid glucose for a few weeks.
  2. After a playful activity when your pet is tired, let him sleep on your lap as it happens to be their favorite place to take a nap.
  3. Regular brushing is recommended to protect their gums from decaying and prevent tooth loss.
  4. Trim their hair within 6 to 8 weeks to keep them from getting tangled and become irritable.
  5. Give your Morkie a proper bath using a shampoo with a lower pH in every thirteen to fifteen days to clean him off of any dirt.
  6. Avoid over-bathing your dog as it can develop skin infections and make sure to dry him properly after a bath.
  7. Trim their nails within forty days to protect your furniture and hard floors from scratches.
  8. Give your pet love and attention.
  9. Don’t leave them alone for extended periods as they have separation anxiety.
  10. You can use a toy or a ball to play with him anywhere you want as they don’t have specific places they like to play at.
  11. Keep their eyes dry using wet wipes that you can buy from the store or make them yourself at home.
  12. Keep a regular check on their eyes, paws, and ears as they are prone to infections.
  13. Train your dog to eat sufficient enough at a time.
  14. Set a specific time and only give him food at that time. This will enable your dog to develop positive eating habits and keep him healthy.
  15. Give him mineral water when he’s done playing.
  16. Visit the vet once in a month for a thorough checkup and brushing as a professional vet is likely to be more effective than the owner.

Final Words:

I hope this guide will help you decide how to treat and take care of your Morkie. He is a cute, fur baby and always demand time and love from owners.

So it’s necessary for you to make it sure that you abide by all the guidelines provided above to keep your puppy healthy and let your puppy socialize with others so they can spread smiles and cheers among your friends.

If you have something to share, then let us know.

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