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9 Things You Must Know About Mini Goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodle is also known as Groodle or Miniature Goldendoodle. He is a benevolent new designer hybrid dog breed, which is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Toy Poodle.

This breed is one of the most intelligent, loving, warm, and friendly dogs that is famous as a loving family pet.

People love to have these small curly fluffs at home because of their loving nature and the way they become friendly with you within less to no time.

This small fluffy teddy bear holds some enticing characteristics of both their moms (Golden Retriever) and dad (Miniature Poodle); energy and swagger of a dad while calmness and temperament of a mom.

Fortunately, this breed has proven itself the most loving, caring, and at the same time, goofy, with whom you love to be all the time.

The most startling thing about this breed is it loves to cuddle with humans and retains high energy. Whenever you feel lonely, just hug this fluff, and all your worries would be flown away.

So, if you are going to adopt a loving Mini Goldendoodle, then here are some things that you may need to know about them.

Here is the list of things that you need to know about this beautiful dog breed.

  • Breed Family: Hybrid
  • Height: 14-17 inches
  • Weight: 15-30 pounds
  • Color: Golden, black, copper, or gray
  • Dog-Friendly: 5/5
  • Temperament: Friendly, joyful, and loyal
  • Activity Levels: Upwards of 1-2 hours per day
  • Needs for Grooming: Moderate
  • Life Span: 10-15 years
  • Price: $1,500 to $3,500
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Mini Goldendoodle – Breed History:

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

Well, talking about the history of Mini Goldendoodle dog breed, then there is not that much to say about it. All we can say is it is almost a new breed and is getting popular day by day due to its loving nature and cuteness.

It was the creation of a lot of breeding practices when breeders worked hard to create a Golden Retriever that has a small look and also a hypoallergenic coat.

However, since breeders worked hard to create a perfect breed, hence these dogs are not designed to do some specific task, they only bred to give friendly company to kids.

We can say the breeders have done a great job because they have created something that is very much cute, desirable, and playful.

The Breed Appearance:

Mini Goldendoodle’s appearance is just like a small fluffy ball of fur, starts to grow as a little furball, and then increases gradually to become a big softball of curls.

If you are one of those who loves to have a soft and fluffy pet, then Miniature Goldendoodle is your right choice.

While talking about the coat, then they own the dense, soft, and curly-wavy hair of medium length. However, the coat color can either be golden, black, copper, or gray.

There is no proper size for their height, which can be varied as they are a hybrid breed. But when it comes to their swift legs, then no one can beat their Poodles swagger style walk.

The face of Mini Goldendoodle dog has large dark black eyes, with a small nose and medium-sized muzzle. The head top of Groodle is rounded with droopy ears (broad enough).

The tail also contains fur, so the overall appearance of the Goldendoodle is attractive and pleasing to see. However, they attract families, especially kids who love to play with joyful dogs.

Personality and Temperament:

As we all know, Mini Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog breed, so it is impossible to get a full idea about their behavioral patterns and personality traits. But till now, based on this breed owners’ experience, the Goldendoodle is very much friendly, joyful, and loyal in nature.

They always want to be in close touch with you just like its parent breed, so if you are one of those people who remain away at work, then surely these dogs are not the right choice for you.

They can develop separation anxiety and can let themselves all alone for too long, so be careful about it.

If these dogs are raised well and keep in social contact can be proven a good part of your family. While on the other hand, you don’t need to worry about barks, as these are considered as rare barkers but possess some traits of parents so they can be defensive if they comprehend a threat.

If you entirely want to enjoy their company, all you need is to give them proper attention and play with them as much as you can. Usually, they love to sleep on the lap or feet and can quickly adapt to your living style.

They love to be part of the family and put their full effort into entertaining their family.

Mini Goldendoodle is filled with excitement, joy, and playfulness, so you don’t need to invite them to be out on an outing, they will be in the car waiting before you.

So in simple words, Miniature Goldendoodle likely takes on its parents’ personality traits, making it a very much loyal, sweet, and protective dog to nurture.

“Toy Poodle + Golden Retriever = Groodle (Mini Goldendoodle)”

Goldendoodle Parents

Maintenance and Grooming:

Mini Goldendoodle does require a bit of grooming; they have a mostly curly coat that needs brushing at least once or two times a week.

Groodle considers as a light shelter but still requires grooming to keep him in his best shape.

However, if you don’t find yourself a good groomer, you can hire a professional one for this task, which can help you to tide up the coat.

It’s necessary to begin habituating your pet to being examined and brushed when Goldendoodle is a small puppy. It would be best if you handled his paws as dogs are very much touching about their feet.

It would help if you were very much careful while dealing with his paws. You can train your puppy earlier so that he becomes used to it and would love to groom as an adult.

While on the other hand, Goldendoodle should always check regularly for ear dirt and infection, as infection can attack them.

Similarly, their oral health is also essential, and for this, daily teeth brushing is a must.

In the end, if there requires a nail clip, you can do that too, but make sure don’t cut too close to the nail bed, it may hurt your pet.

“Grooming a Mini Golden Doodle”

The Dog Activity Requirement:

You don’t need to worry about their exercise as Goldendoodle does a lot of activities while following you around in the home. They are playful and love playing with the children or always try to entertain with their unique antics.

But still, they require a pleasant walk, which gets a chance for them to get socialized with the other pets and humans as well. It will help the Groodle to gain confidence and ensure to develop stamina and potential.

The recommended activity for Goldendoodle is to bring them to the dog park where they can burn off some calories while playing with the other dogs.

This breed is easy to train and is intelligent enough to understand in a short time.

One secret remedy to make them happy is; they love to swim, all they need a chance to enjoy swimming. So, you can play with them while enjoying your swimming pool, their response to that would be heart-melting.

As well as know how much exercise is essential for us, and the same implies to the dogs. So, never show your laziness in this regard and get your puppy on a regular walk, preferably early in the morning.

“Goldendoodles – Playing Outside”

Feeding Your Miniature Goldendoodle:

If you are not sure what quantity of diet should be for your Mini Groodle, the recommended daily amount is 1-4 cups of good quality dry food. You can divide the food into multiple meals. But it’s all depends on your dog size, weight, age, metabolism capacity, and activity level.

If the activity level of your dog is too high, then surely he would need more food to stay active.

The thing that creates a big difference is what quality of food you are buying for him. If it is of good quality, unquestionably, the growth will be okay.

If you think that he is over-weighting, then the best way to check is done allow him to give eye-test and hand-on first.

Just place your hand on his back and thumbs along with the spin, if you feel his ribs, then everything is good, if not, then it is the time for him to do some exercise.

Lifestyle and Expectation:

Toy Mini Goldendoodle

While talking about dog growth, then it is unpredictable to guess how large or small it would be your Goldendoodle. There is no perfect measurement tool to measure its growth level.

There is a chance that it could become like his mom or like his dad, while it does look that many of his breeds finish somewhere in the middle of large and small size.

So, in simple words, we can say it would not be a large one pet nor the small one. But you will have a cute and heart-melting hypoallergenic coat, which never shed. And we think this is something that people really appreciate this breed.

As we all know, this is a playful breed and love to play with children so that it can be a part of your small family. It is considered to be a great family dog and would be the best option to welcome your newly born baby.

Mini Goldendoodle Health Concerns:

Just like other kinds of breeds, there could be health concerns of the Mini Goldendoodle, he could be suffering from any disease or infection at any time, and we cannot say anything about it. But the best thing is this breed is not like his parent breed that becomes sick often.

This breed is relatively a healthy one, which makes it the best choice among families for having a pet. However, there could be some kinds of the genetic problem, which can play their roll in their health issues, but there is nothing like that can’t be treated. You can check his veterinary records before bringing him home.

There is nothing much to care about their health. If you can get the dog once in a month to veterinary for a regular check, then nothing can be better than this. Keep your dog healthy and active!

Not Good as Watch Dogs:

No doubt, they are amazingly responsive to training and different kinds of basic commands, but these dogs don’t make excellent watchdogs. It is not wise to expect them to be protected all the time in front of other dogs or strangers.

These loving pets are much like their parent breed and are pretty much like Prima Donnas. You can find them quiet and calm most of the time because they are rare barkers.

You would not expect loud barking or thick bark from them, but show some aggressiveness on hearing a scratch as other dogs do, and it’s natural!

These dogs are too calm and friendly to almost everyone, but it is useless to train them as guard dogs.

When someone visits you, they would be the happiest presence in the home and would welcome them warm-heartedly. Just like a new member in the house!

Goldendoodle Header


If you are looking to buy Miniature Goldendoodle, you will get the best of both; Golden Retriever and Miniature Poodle. This breed is friendly and exciting and, at the same time, would give you a perfect company.

Groodle is the one who is versatile enough to be fit in with your family. Whether it’s about swimming or to jiggle, they would never let you down in any way.

With a perfect energy level, they are good to play with, but not a good watchdog. Similarly, they are prone to genetic diseases, but still, families love to have them.

Are you ready to buy your loving Mini Goldendoodle?

Always make sure whether this breed is right for your family or not. If you are kind of people who like to spend most of the time outside, then surely these dogs are not for you.

So, these are some characteristics and information about this breed. We hope you will like it and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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