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How to Train a Dog? (Techniques and Commands)

In this blog post, you will discover how to train a dog or a puppy the right way!

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and they genuinely mean it when they say it. The dogs have a fantastic ability to be the most loyal and the most helpful animal you ever know.

Teaching them is very easy too. Just a few special moves and training sessions, and you have a great pet with some talents!

It is essential to train your dog and make sure that he is well trained and well oriented because it can be a better guard than a human or a CCTV camera. They have a great ability to sense danger even before humans or cameras can, which makes them essential additions to your security.

You can train them very quickly by just following these simple steps and get your best friend in no time.

Training and Behavior Aids

The first thing you should to do is to make sure you have the best possible equipment to train your dog the right way.

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Dog Training Techniques:

There are different techniques to train your dog. Here I am describing a few that are used commonly and are popular among people these days.

Relationship Building:

This is the most widely used technique as it involves building a relationship between the dog and its owner. It is one of the sweetest and the oldest techniques practiced among dogs and dog owners because this helps the dog learn faster and earlier.

This technique is straightforward, the owner commands the dog to do something, and he is supposed to do it when he obeys the command, the owner rewards the dogs, and the dog learns the command due to appreciation received. Easy yet an efficient method used widely and successfully.

Dog Training

Electric Training:

This technique is new, but an adamant one. The dog is made to wear an electric belt, which makes the dog follow commands.

When he does it well, everything is okay. However, if he does not, the dog would get a shock from the collar, which leads to frustration to the dog, and he can even get psychiatric issues from this.

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This one is not a very preferred way to train dogs.

Clicker Training:

Clicker training is fun. It involves a clicking device that produces a sound which indicates that the dog is doing good and will receive a reward soon, so the dog feels delighted and is appreciated. This appreciation can lead him to do better and more things with a happier and in a pleased fashion.

Mirror Training:

Dog Mirror Training

This one is old. It involves copying what the other one is doing and following it.

This technique can be very successful when used with the relationship building because if you have a good relationship with your dog, he would listen to you and do what is desired without much objection.

The mirror technique involves a dog or someone who can do the desired action for the dog, and then he can copy it.

You can even show him that if he follows the command correctly, he can get a reward out of it, and then if he failed to comply, there would be no reward.

If the dog is not that good, you can even show some punishment (but don’t do it), and then the dog mimics what was done.

Here are a few basic things your dog needs to know:

Potty Training:

Potty training is a must from puppies to even adult dogs, most of them are not trained, and this is not an easy job.

This might be the most difficult and challenging task when it comes to training your dog, but once you accomplish it, things get a trillion times better than they were before.

Your dog stops messing every corner of the house, and the house gets cleaned. You can actually focus on things like commands, and then there is a regular set up which helps you to get stuff into focus and towards a progression.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while training him.

First of all, you need to know the time he gets the urge to poop or pee. Plus, you need to understand your dog and find the special signs he makes at these times.

Once you know this, whenever you suspect that he is about to do anything of the sort, take him to his specially reserved place and let him do his business.

You may have to wait for a bit, do not start ordering him or scold him which can scare him away and cause a health issue for your dog like constipation.

Once you know the timings, make sure you are polite and take him to his spot when that time is close, and be very polite, I repeat.

There will be times when he will do it anywhere in the house, be patient, and do not start scolding him or screaming at him for such a thing instead tell him how to do it nicely and forgive him.

Never punish your pet for anything like that, he is innocent and does not understand what it means not to litter everywhere, he is different from humans, and you need to acknowledge and assume this very well before adopting a pet.

You can even reward your pet with new toys or something that he likes to eat when he gets it right, especially in the beginning, because this would appreciate him to do it better and learn sooner than your expectations.

The sooner he learns, the earlier your life gets more comfortable and cleaner, so in the long run, this is something you are doing for yourself instead of the dog or anyone else in the house because it is also your house and your living place. Then the dog also learns to stay clean and tidy this way so he would also give you a good impression and even make you proud.

“How to Potty Train a Dog?”

Basic Dog Training Commands:

The first task is teaching him commands and making him understand what you are saying and how can it be followed.

This action can be strict if done in the wrong manner, so a more natural and a more decent thing to do would be to tell you to calm down and have a lot of patience.

The dogs have this power to sense things a lot better than we can. So when you start training it for anything from commands to even any game or regular activity, make sure you know how hard it can be and think of the worst possible situations, and then how would you deal with them.

It is not difficult to make a dog learn or to make him understand; the hardest part is when he fails to know what you are saying because he does not speak the language you do, and you do not know his language.

Although there are a million things in the market to make your dog understand, many of them are not sufficient.

Most importantly, if your dog is not trained yet, chances are he would never understand what you are expecting him to do. He might even bite or hit you, just out of sheer frustration.

In order to avoid this drama, it is just better to stick to the old-fashioned, harder ways rather than choosing a stubborn modern aid that doesn’t help at all.

All you need is just some courage and the power to deal with them, and you are going to be a great mom/dad teacher for it. Good luck!

The “Fetch” Command:

Dog Fetch CommandThis is undoubtedly the most special command you can think of, but when thinking about it technically and in a usual sane way.

Fetch is the smartest command, because this way you can make your dog get so many things that a normal human can’t or for the days when you are super tired, you can just ask your dog to fetch medicines or put them back to you.

Teaching a dog something is just like teaching your own child. They are fast learners, but you need to be very patient and go in a stepwise fashion instead of doing everything very haphazard.

First of all, make it walk with you and go with it wherever you go.

Once he is ready to be walked with you, start giving it breaks where it would go free and run freely without a belt.

Make it walk with you without a belt too, and take it with you while making it grab things and then putting them in their original places and whenever it catches something to say that it has fetched it.

Reward him after every good act, so it knows that you appreciate your little doggy.

Slowly and gradually start making it fetch things like that, make your dog learn objects, like what is what so that you can tell it to bring medicines, and it will get it eventually.

The “Stay” Command:

This command can be very challenging, I tell you. This is just like making sure your child learns what to say.

Most of the time, the dogs learn in the other way round, and if this happens with, you have to agree with me that it was better off without knowing what stay means.

Here are a few steps where you can teach your dog to stay, but these steps need a lot of practice and rehearsals.

Dog Stay Command

First of all, ask him to get down, like sit, make him sit by your hand’s gesture, and make sure he stays. Now, take a step back slowly and gradually but keep on repeating stay and do not move.

So once you are sure that he would stay there, move around two to three steps backward more and still keep on saying stay and move your hand in a way telling him to stay.

Slowly and gradually do this practice and make sure he stays at least till you take around five steps on the first day, then eventually every week you can increase like a couple of steps until it all goes to a reasonable distance.

Try the same practice on different occasions and at different times of the day.

Also, try the same exercise when you have guests over or are at someone’s place because sometimes the dogs would do it well and act very obediently. Still, when they have a company or are asked the same command at any other time of the day with different people, they would never do it.

Instead, either they would ignore it or act like those crazy dogs who do not listen and bark at everyone. So it is always good to do this practice once or twice a day with different people and on separate occasions. Then you can also have a hand gesture for him. He can follow and then stay.

For example, taking your hand out, placing your it in this air, and then moving it down slowly and asking him to stay. Instead of repeating it out loud, begging for him to remain by lip-syncing the command at the same time so that he would know what to follow and do when you make that hand gesture.

Once you are sure that he has learned the command very well, and can adequately stay.

Get him a reward, like a new belt or his favorite food item, or you can even take him out for a walk in the park or just a stroll in the street for a change.

The “Come” Command:

Making a dog listen to you is not very difficult if spoken nicely. Especially if you are friends with your dog, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. You can honestly do so much by just being friends with your dog and making him follow you or come with you.

Dogs are susceptible, so, you have to be very careful when training them, if they love you, they are actually the most obedient and the most loyal animals, even more than a man can be because men can never be dogs no matter how much we say.

But at the same time dogs can be very aggressive too, if they get angry or do not love you, they will not follow what you say and just do what they think is correct, so this has to be catered really well when it comes to dogs and making them follow tricky commands like “come.”

Start by taking your dog out for a walk, but don’t be aggressive.

Take him for a walk daily and keep on doing this for around a week, but every day he walks with you, give him a treat in the beginning and then give breaks in between like once a week or twice a week but do reward him, so he knows that you appreciate his honesty and loyalty.

Appreciation gives them strength and the energy to deal with difficult times and situations where they do not feel like it or want to do something, but still, they will out of love and affection for you.

If your dog knows what the command ‘come’ means, he can even follow this without the belt.

You can call out ‘come – his name,’ and he will undoubtedly come running towards you and with you at times.

So make him know that you love him, be nice to him, treat him nicely, appreciate him, and he will undoubtedly follow your commands without much effort and hard work on with side.

Dog Come Command

The “Leave It” Command:

Oh, this can be not very easy! Leave this, leave that, leave here, go there, imagine someone saying this to you, how odd would you feel?

A similar case is with the dogs, you can tell them to ‘leave it’ once or twice a day, but if you keep on doing this for multiple times a day, he would eventually get tired and frustrated and would never follow it afterward out of mere frustration and hatred for that word.

So when you are teaching your dog commands, please do not overdo it, it is good to rehearse a few times, but when it comes to challenging authorities, give them time.

You can try giving your dog some food first, and once he has eaten enough, you can ask him to leave it, and he will. Still, if you provide him with food when he is hungry and then ask him to leave it, he would obviously get angry and frustrated and would never leave it unless he has satisfied his hunger.

Dogs are not much different from humans or other animals; they also need the same care and time as anyone else does, well sometimes even more than the rest.

Nevertheless, they do, and this can all be managed by giving them some time and care at times a little more too.

During doggy training, you will notice that there will be days when the dogs would not listen to you. This might be a good time for a break.

Let him breathe, set him free too for a while, and then you will see it eventually even when you give him breaks; he would still be following those commands unintentionally because he has learned them well.

They do not lie when they say practice makes a man perfect, well in some cases, even dogs.

Dog Leave It Command

The “Sit” Command:

This one is easy. If your dog has learned to stay, teaching him to sit can be taught to him in no time.

Sitting and staying is easy; you have to make sure that your dog knows the difference between stay and relax. There will be times when he will confuse these two terms, a lot of times, but a little practice and some time and patience can do much more.

You can teach him to sit by taking a treat in your hand and asking him to stay, once he waits for a while ask him to sit and sit with him. Do this a few times, and he will learn it for sure.

You can even alternate between stay and sit commands to check if he is understanding and following what is. It is essential to ascertain that your dog knows when he should do what.

It can be a little challenging to manage all this when training dogs, but this is fun if you think about it, there is a lot of adventure, especially in those days when you are out with your dog, and you tell him to stay, but he sits instead and resists to get up, fun right?

Oh, the embarrassment is even funnier to deal with. However, this can be handled with some practice sessions and maybe a few embarrassing, funny memories for a lifetime, because you know perfection doesn’t mean life; it is the imperfections and struggles like these that make life special.

“How to Train a Dog the Basics?”


All in all, it is pretty evident that there are many ways that you can teach your dog to do different things. The critical thing to understand is that no two dogs are the same. What may be easier for one dog may be incredibly difficult for the other?

Besides, different dogs like different techniques and respond in various manners in particular ways.

In short, you need to be extraordinarily patient and versatile when training your dog. Let him be your best friend!

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