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German Shepherd – Breed Facts, Health & Information

Do you want to learn more about the German Shepherd? Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, you will find the most useful information about this breed.

  • Breed Family: Herding Dogs
  • Height: 20-26 inches
  • Weight: 55-90 pounds
  • Color: Black, black and Tan, black and Silver, black and Red
  • Dog-Friendly: 3/5
  • Temperament: Intelligent, loyal, alert, courageous, curious, obedient
  • Activity Levels: Upwards of 2 hours per day
  • Needs for Grooming: Moderate maintenance
  • Life Span: 7-12 years
  • Price: $500 to $1,500
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GSD History and Origin:

The well-known Breed German Shepherd Dog (GSD) was introduced in 1899. Completely developed in the 20th century, therefore, is a relatively new breed.

Max von StephanitzMostly used as a fierce helping dog, the primary purpose of the development of German Shepherds was guarding sheep and herding.

From the mixture of old Shepherd breeds, GSD was discovered by a German breeder Capt. Max von Stephanitz for his country.

Due to its robust intellect and work ethic, German Shepherd Dog was developed to help the police, soldiers as well as workers and farm laborers.

German governance started its training for security purposes in 1901. Afterward, Americans also preferred it for their security issues; that’s why brought in to their home in 1907.

Some different names call it in different regions as:

  • Alsatian.
  • Berger Allemand.
  • Deutscher Schäferhund.
  • GSD.
  • Schäferhund.

The Dog Popularity:

The UK Kennel Club registered German Shepherd Dogs in 1919, and in 1926 total GSDs were increased more than 9,000. On the failure of World War l, the strong-hearted breed got much popularity international.

The First German Shepherd to be introduced in the USA was “Queen of Switzerland.”

In the 1920s, there was a significant decline in the popularity of GSDs because the offspring of Queen of Switzerland suffered from many defects because they were poorly bred.

The American Kennel Club Dog Shows helps to warm up their popularity again.

Due to Anti-German sentiments, it suffered another decline at the end of World War ll.

By the passage of time, their popularity increased, and they became 3rd most popular breed in the US by 1993. Its athletic body makes it eligible to participate in shows and competitions.

GSD Popularity

Physical Characteristics:

  • Average Weight: 55 – 90 pounds (22.22 – 43.56 kg).
  • Average Height: 20 – 25 inches (50.42 – 63.50 cm).

GSDs have a decent, balanced, and athletic body. Their body is tight, lean, and slightly longer than tall. They have pointed ears, long nose, and somewhat curved forehead with pleasing expressions. Their stiff neck slants down to muscular shoulders and neck.

They have a slightly long bushy tail and strong back legs. They can be found in different colors like tan, sable, or just black, etc. they are categorized in a short-haired, medium-haired, and long-haired pet.

Average Lifespan: 7 to 12 years.

Physical Characteristics

German Shepherd Behavior:

German Shepherd Dogs are also categorized into favorite pets because of their cooperative behavior and calm confidence. German Shepherds are famous specifically for their intelligence.

The scientific research discovered that GSD could learn any simple tasks after several repetitions of the same work.

They are always ready to protect, entertain, and task executed.

They can learn any commands and instructions quickly and effectively so they can fulfill the duties of a Cop, guard, or rescuers. They are loyal to the environment and family they belong to, and they bark protectively towards the strangers.

German Shepherd Dogs have great instincts and fertile minds.

Any task-oriented activity makes them happy, and they like to perform a lot of activities and exercises to keep themselves busy and active. However, a neglected German Shepherd may route to munching furniture, digging up your beautiful flowers.

Some distinctive characteristics typically found in every specie of it.

  • Handsome and built.
  • Fierce and Intelligent.
  • Loyal.
  • Obedient and Hardworking.
  • Fearless and Strong-willed.
  • Handy.
  • Submissive and proactive.

Health and Care:

Health and CareThe most common diseases of the German Shepherds are caused due to corrupt breeding practices. Hip and elbow dysplasia are some of such common ailments that may lead to pain and may cause stiffness.

The modern research discovered that 40% of police working GSDs were affected by many harmful diseases.

According to the Orthopedic Foundation, 20% of German Shepherd Dogs are severely affected by a backbone disease known as hip dysplasia. Shepherds are also affected by ear infections and ear bloating.

According to a survey, the average lifespan of German Shepherds is 10.95 years. The specific neurological disease is regularly found in the breed called Degenerative Myelopathy (CDRM).

For the screening of Degenerative Myelopathy, a DNA saliva test is now available. The DNA test effectively screens for the existence of the mutated gene in dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy. This test is fruitful to diagnose the fatal illness.

Due to losing so much hair, some folks have called them “German Shedders.” Their medium-length double coat is dense and thick. They require occasional grooming. Perfect brushing them can sort out the problem of shedding and should bathe them as needed.

Frequent baths and brushing can help to reduce loose allergy infection and can keep regular the pet’s temperament. It would be best if you used a damp piece of cloth to wipe off your dog after playing outside.

Remember that any breed can aggravate allergies but couldn’t be 100% hypoallergenic.

“How to Groom a German Shephard”

Professional Assistance of GSD:

German Shepherds are also well-known for their assistance in some difficult tasks. They are especially preferred for their practical police assistance for search and investigation, being used to track criminals and wanted people, patrolling troubled areas, and helping the survivors.

Additionally, military forces also working with GSDs and train them to find the suspect.

The GSD is also known for its scout duties; they help soldiers to warn them about the interrupts, enemies, and traps, or any other harmful stuff. Military Groups also use them for the parachuting from aircraft.

Since its recognition, The German Shepherd Dog is well known for their sensitivity to smell a variety of scents.

They proved themselves much helpful in tasks related to cadaver searching, search and rescue, accelerant detection, narcotics detection, explosives detection, and mine detection as they have the excellent ability to detect the explosive stuff and to sort these types of issues, that’s why they are specially trained in a professional for these types of tasks.

Professional Assistance

Many times, the German Shepherd was the preferred breed chosen almost exclusively for visually impaired because they have stronger rods of their eyes at night.

There is some other dog (Labradors and Golden Retrievers) used for this purpose, but the German Shepherd is before them because of its strong intellectual properties.

A favorite breed of dogs who are famous for fulfilling their duty, they have strong mental abilities and jump into any situation fearlessly, and most important that they much affection towards their beloved owner.

In the early days of this breed, German Shepherd Dogs were beneficially assigned duties to take care of fields and sheep grazing, which was the main problem at that time.

Their primary duty was to take care of sheep to end in the fields, so they won’t be able to distort them.

In Germany and many other places, utility dog trials held for the examination of their skills. Also known as Herdengebrauchshund (HGH).

German Shepherds as Family Pet:

GSD as Family PetA German Shepherd is a great learner and super recognizer. He has excellent affection towards children if they are introduced at a younger age towards them.

They are known to be acting as a babysitter because they show affection towards children.

German Shepherd also acts like a cop because they are proved to be protective for the children.

This trustworthy animal could easily take care of your family and home, specifically your children. If he is supposed to live with other pets at a decidedly younger age, they can easily adjust to living with other animals like cats and other dogs.

If you want to buy a German Shepherd Dog, you should consult with a trainer or a registered organization so that the animal would be medically fit and easily trained and adjusted to the new environment and people.

Their evergreen affection towards their own family is worthy that they help in every sense and every difficult situation.

Is German Shepherd Dangerous?

Yes and no!

They aren’t any more “dangerous” than other breeds; it depends on how you raise them and how trained they are.

Certain dog breeds require different types of owners, and Shepherd breeds need firm owners. See you have to be the “boss” or “leader,” so to speak gently, this does not mean you have sufficient to be mean to the dog, not at all. You can still bond with it like any other, but certain breeds need a more firm owner than others.

It’s best to research the breed and its requirements before you get one.

German Shephard does have more commanding bites than some other breeds and any other dog family. So no doubt, they could be chancier. However, with proper training, you can overcome this problem of German Shepherd. They would be playful and joyful for the babies.

No breed is more dangerous than another; the same thing goes for Pitbull.

They are COMPLETELY fine animals and aren’t any more dangerous than the other breeds; they have a bad rap because of the media and stupid gangster wannabe’s think it’s ”cool” to own a pit bull and they don’t raise them right.

Feeding Your German Shephard:

GSD FeeedingRecommended average amount: two meals per day of three to four cups of the best quality dry food. The question is, how much an adult dog eats daily? It typically depends on GSDs build, metabolism, size, and activities.

Dogs are dedicated family, and they need a specific amount of food at a particular time as human beings.

A highly active dog needs more amount of food as compared to his younger puppies because he has to execute more tasks than younger ones.

Your dog health mostly depends on the food you gave it, i.e., if you give it the fresh dry food, they proposed to be proactive and looks new while, on the other hand, junk food makes him lazy and just a bowl of unnecessary meat.

If the dog becomes more foodie and over raises its meat production, then cut off its food, and if he looks thin, then obviously increase his diet in a specific schedule.

A practical test can easily help you to check the weight of your dog. Gently put your hand on the body of the dog while thumbing on his spine and fingers on the downside of the body. You would feel a combination of healthy muscles and the collection of good ribs.

If you feel his ribs too prominent, then he must need more food and a well-planned diet. If he goes fat and lazy, he needs exercise and needs to do some activities to keep him healthy and active.

Your GSD should be well socialized and should take part in the activities which could keep him active and could help him to learn new and exciting things at a younger age. Please don’t allow him to participate in hard workouts until his bones are grown up.

A specific diet plan could keep him active, and if he is over the feeder, he may have to bear many joint problems and other health problems.

GSD Dry Dog Food
Royal Canin Health Nutrition Dry FoodFor Puppy
Iams Proactive Health Dry Dog FoodFor Adult

Fun Facts about GSD:

Here are some of the most amazing fun facts about GSD.

  • 3.5 million German Shepherd Dogs are registered in the USA and become the second most registered dog in the US.
  • A mixed-breed German shepherd “Chips” was awarded by many awards for his heroic bravery in WWII. i.e., Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross, and the Silver Star.
  • Kaiser served in the Vietnam War and killed while licking his beloved owner hand and became the first German Shepherd Dog killed in the civil war.
  • The Thirteen Club is a club that provides services to 12 years or older dogs. They distribute certificates and provide online services and information about GSD.
  • In 1987 at Westminster Dog Show, the German Shepherd prominently able to win the BEST dog title in the honorary show.
  • The German Shepherd is the devoted third most intelligent out of all dog breeds. Poodle and Border Collies got a higher place than him.
  • The venomous bite of a GSD has approximately 240 pounds of force, which are enough to break bones, kill a human being, and can cut tissue and muscles.
  • A German Shepherd “Nemo” faithfully served in the Vietnam War was poorly injured but attacked the enemy with bravery and gave an escape to his handler.
  • On the sight of 9/11, German Shepherds helps to rescue the injured people. They helped a lot to search survivors and had a vital role in giving comfort to distress people.
  • Stephanitz, the founder of GSD, traveled many places in search of a perfect and intelligent dog and finally found and purchased the first German Shepherd named Hektor Linksrhein from a local dog show.
  • An American corporal (Lee Duncan) found a five days old puppy in a bomb-riddled kennel in France. He took the puppy home, devoted his time to properly train him and prepared him to play a role in the famous movie – afterward puppy named as Rin Tin Tin.

Rin Tin Tin

  • German Shepherd’s page has Grand 100,000 followers on Instagram.
  • The German Shepherd has a considerable number of followers on social media like Twitter, with over 150,000 followers and still counting!
  • The GSD can detect the 225 million scent on the air and ground. This is one of its unique ability which differs it from other breeds and human.
  • They like to boost their energy by doing different activities, playing games and doing exercise.
  • They need the best companion who would be active enough and don’t leave him for an extended period, which reshapes him into a fierce dog.
  • At the younger age when they are puppies, German Shepherds should be well-socialized which help them to become a sophisticated pet. Daily trips for the GSD to the dog park is an excellent source to interact appropriately with other breeds and fellows.
  • At the age of 8-weeks, they are intelligent enough for Obedience training, which could keep it socialized and well-aware about their surroundings. That’s the golden time for him to pick up and follow commands quickly.

“German Shepherds Obedience Training”

Wrap Up:

One thing is for sure, and that is German Shepherd is one of the best breeds if trained and up bring properly.

However, he loves to engage in different activities and also a preferable choice for security purposes.

So, if you want to have the most active, bright, and friendly dog, then, the German shepherd is the right choice.

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