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Fleas and Ticks on Dogs: Treatment and Prevention

Dogs are one of the smartest and faithful animals; that’s why people like them as pets. It is in return, the duty of their owners to fulfill the essential needs of their dogs (dogs need love, care, affection, and a lot of time from their owners).

Pets can give a hard time to their owners. It not at all an easy task to keep them at home.

One of the most significant risks of keeping dogs is the presence of blood-sucking insects, i.e., ticks and fleas. These can turn into a severe disease if they are left without any treatment.

But don’t worry..

There are various kinds of precautionary measures one can take to prevent ticks and fleas on dogs.

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Fleas and Ticks on Dogs – Detection Step:

Dog ScratchingIf people are keeping pets for the first time, then it would be difficult for them to figure out whether their dogs have fleas and ticks on them.

It’s not as difficult as it seems but the bigger ticks/fleas can be seen clearly while the small ticks/fleas are not as clearly visible as the bigger ones.

Observe your pets regularly, and if you see an habitual scratching, then it might be a sign that your dogs have these small insects in their hair. They can get restless due to this constant scratching. As their caretaker’s, people should take immediate action.

Doctors can help people find out about the reason behind their itching and treat them accordingly. It would be a wise decision for the owners to arrange check-ups for their pets regularly.

Arranging regular check-ups can be a time-consuming task, but it can save your dog from serious diseases.

Fleas and Ticks on Dogs Prevention:

Prevention is better than cure. So all the dogs’ lovers should carefully follow some precautionary measures to save their pets from repeated scratching that can make them irritated and restless.

Following are some of the prevention measures that you can follow to prevent ticks and fleas on dogs.

Shampoo Them Regularly:

Keep your dogs clean. Bath them regularly. Medicated shampoos are available in the market for pets, use these specifically designed shampoos as they have ingredients to kill fleas & ticks on dogs.

These shampoos are expensive and are not very pocket-friendly, but it can help your dog to stay clean. Owners can use them regularly to ensure fleas/ticks prevention of dogs.

Bathe Your Dog


Various numbers of different products are available in medical stores for these blood-sucking creatures. They kill fleas as well as ticks.

Science has brought home to us many solutions to trivial problems. Using these orals medications are one of the best ways of eradicating ticks and fleas.

Searching Online Treatments:

Living in an age of science and technology, we have the solution to little problems in the palms of our hands.

You can search for the treatments of the issues, and they will be displayed in the blink of an eye. This is the fastest way of curing our dogs.

You can get the names of medicines and other treatments just by sitting at home. It saves time as well as the doctors’ fees.

Ticks & Fleas on Dogs – Special Dips:

Special dips for ticks and fleas are also available in the markets for the dogs. These dips can be used on the dog’s furs after reading the instructions on them.

These dips are mostly used after dissolving the solutions into a required amount of water in them.

Keep in mind that doctor’s advice is necessary, you can ask them their opinions related to every medication you use on your pets.

Dog Flea and Tick Collars:

Dog Flea and Tick CollarsDoes tick/flea preventing collars work? The answer to this question is YES.

Tick/Flea preventing collars are also available. But the problem with them is that they only prevent your dogs from ticks on the dead and neck regions. They do not ensure the prevention of the whole body from these blood-sucking creatures.

Using preventing collars is not a great idea, but still, if you are new in handling a pet, then you can use them regularly.

Keeping Dogs in the Four Walls of the House:

Keeping your beloved pets inside the four walls of the home are one of the ways of preventing dogs from ticks and fleas. The more your dogs are exposed to the outside world; the more your dogs will have the chances to get suffer from this disease.

Checking for Fleas and Ticks on Dogs:

If you have a pet, you have to own its responsibility. Examine their bodies thoroughly. Every week check the different parts of their bodies because even though you are keeping them safe by every possible measure, it is not as hard as we think to take care of your pet.

Ticks and fleas find a way towards dogs. Their love for blood will make it impossible for them to stay away. To save your dog from these insects, you have to show a constant struggle.

Powders and Tick Sprays:

Dog Tick SpraysPets are fragile just like little kids but don’t take this in the wrong direction because this is not a comparison between kids and dogs.

If you keep pets, take care of them just like your kids because they are members of your house and a great source of pleasure for you.

Powders and sprays are there that can be used as another prevention technique for fleas and ticks. Use small amounts of the products on their bodies because apparently, they are chemicals and can be dangerous for the dogs if they inhale them.

Cleaning Gardens:

Cleaning your household lawns and gardens is a straightforward and essential step to save your dogs from the dangers of ticks and fleas.

Cleanliness prevents many diseases. All the conditions can be restricted by just cleaning the mess of the lawns. It’s not a big task to clean your own house.

Pest Control:

Pest control should also be a priority of the dog owners. Pest control team should be called in case of emergency as they can take necessary steps.

Pest control sprays can kill all the eggs and insects that are harmful to your dogs. These toxic chemicals are the best solutions to diminish these insects, i.e., fleas and ticks.

Some of the pest control companies provide natural solutions for controlling pests.

Home Remedies for Fleas and Ticks:

People can also use many different home remedies that can be useful for preventing ticks and fleas. They are easy to use, and these home remedies provide solutions for their problems. Also, another plus point of these remedies is they do not have any side effect.

  • Apple cider vinegar is one of the solutions that can be used for the prevention of ticks and fleas on dogs.
  • Clean your house daily to prevent these small insects to enter your home.
  • Use hair comb and remove them carefully and less painfully.
  • Wash your pets sleeping place.
  • Buy a flea’s trap if you don’t have one.
  • Make your dog drink the apple cider vinegar solutions by adding it to their water.
  • Spray your houses regularly and make them free of intrusion of fleas and ticks.
  • Mop your wooden floor with solutions that keep them away.
  • Oil repellents are also available for this purpose.
  • It is also suggested using brewer’s yeast for your dog’s meals.
  • Add lemon juice to the bathing water of your dogs is another useful home remedy.

“How to Naturally Control Fleas & Ticks on Dogs?”

Tick and Flea Prevention Products:

There are a variety of products that can be used to solve this problem. Itching and scratching are not so pleasing for your dogs at all. They feel uncomfortable, and providing them with ease is their duty.

Different companies manufacture these products, and owners can buy them.

Prescription from a qualified veterinarian is necessary in this regard because the health of your pet is more important.

The description of these products is available online. You can place your orders and get your desired products on your doorstep.

You can save a lot of money and time while shopping for ticks and fleas prevention products for your dog.


If you follow these fleas and ticks prevention methods, you can save your dogs from these vampire type small insects. With the help of veterinary doctors, the risks and danger for your dogs can be reduced.

Just like human beings, your pets also need your love. Taking care of them is an obligation as you keep them in our home.

Taking care of your dog should be your priority. You can choose the best method to get rid of/prevent fleas and ticks on dogs, which suits you and your pet.

Stick to your dogs as your life depends on it. Curing these tick-borne diseases can be one of the ways of keeping them in a sheltered environment.

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