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Top 15+ Dogs That Don’t Shed (With Images)

We all love dogs, not their hair.

All dogs are adorable, loyal, patient, forgiving, and capable of pure love. But do you know that these beloved pets shed their hair from time to time? – Some breeds shed more than others.

In fact, many people just hate cleaning dogs’ hair all around the house, while others do not care about it much, but they suffer from allergies, and those allergies could be worse.

So, if you think about adopting a new pooch but you don’t know which dog breed is low shedding, don’t worry, we are here to help you find the right one for you and your family.

But first, let’s know;

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Why Dogs Shed?

Every animal with hair shed to some degree, including human beings. But the reason behind the shedding process varies from animal to animal. In dogs, it depends upon the hair’s follicle type.

The follicle in dogs decides the hair growth, texture, and the amount of shedding. Those dogs who have a low rate of shedding is because of their long hair as compared to those who shed more.

Dogs with long hair shed at low rates, but they also require more grooming (those breeds are known as hypoallergenic).

However, hypoallergenic dogs do shed some allergens, but there are some breeds which are suitable for allergy-sufferers. With such dogs, you can live in your comfort zone as there will be no cleaning and no allergy issues.

It’s necessary for your dog to be adopted with your home environment so that he can enjoy his full energy.

Top Dogs That Don’t Shed:

Are you a dogs lover but you find yourself that you’re allergic to them, we have the solution! Get a hypoallergenic dog breed.

Please, have a look at the list below of the top 18 dogs that don’t shed much.


SchnauzerThis breed is also divided into three types; one is Miniature who are small dogs that weight about 11-20 pounds.

Standard Schnauzers are the second type, and they are medium sized that weight about 30-50 pounds.

Then comes the Giant Schnauzers and they are large sized dogs. They weigh from 60-85 pounds.

  • Grooming:

These breeds have a similar coat. They have soft undercoats, and their hair resists dirt and debris. It is recommended to do hand stripping of topcoat.

It is advised to bring this breed to a professional groomer, and if you know how to keep their coat free from tangles then you can strip, trim and maintain them at home.


MalteseThe Maltese seem to be a typical lap dog. They are small in size and are playful. But these dogs are not just a lap dog; they are pretty fearless and are sturdy.

They are full of energy, but they luckily do not require a lot of exercises.

  • Grooming:

They have beautiful silky, long hair with a white coat, and it is crucial to brush their coat gently. Brushing should be done every day.

If you want to brush their hair once a week, then it is better to trim them for less brushing.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier:

Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierThe Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a medium-sized dog with a friendly personality. They are owner loving and loyal to their master, but they are a bit tenacious.

Exercise is vital to them both mentally and physically.

  • Grooming:

Their coat of hair hardly shed and is perfect for those who suffer from an allergy but love dogs. Still, they do require grooming for keeping their hair healthy.

Their coat must be brushed daily in order to prevent tangles and mats because small dogs get worse knots that it requires to cut them.


PoodleThis breed has three types. However, the standard Poodles produce medium to large in size, and they have weight about 45-65 pounds.

The second type is the Miniature Poodles. They are small in size and weight from 10-15 pounds.

Last but not least is Toy Poodles are smaller than the other two types and weight from 4-6 pounds.

All of these varieties are intelligent and energetic. They are extraordinary in training and respond well in practice. They are quite graceful and are decent.

  • Grooming:

Poodles have very curly hair, and they should be brushed regularly to keep them healthy and active.

If you want to keep their coat long, then it is advised to keep them free from tangles and clean it regularly.

If you want to avoid the tangles with a little brushing, then trim them and brush them once a week. Their hair should be clipped when giving a bath.

Yorkshire Terrier:

Yorkshire TerrierThe Yorkshire Terrier are lap dogs, and they like to be carried around; that is why they are given in purse most of the times. They weight only seven pounds or less, and they are considered one of the smallest dogs in the world.

Although they are tiny and adorable, they are courageous and fearless with a great personality. Their energy level is not extreme or low but is temperate and thus require a daily dose of exercise.

  • Grooming:

They have a long silky coat of hair, and the texture of their hair is similar to human. They hardly shed their hair which is an advantage who hate cleaning or suffer from allergies. They require regular brushing to prevent tangles.

If you have decided to trim then brush their coat once a week, and it is better to visit a professional groomer for every five to eight weeks.

Boston Terrier:

Boston TerrierBoston Terrier is a strong and a small to medium sized dog.

Because it is Terrier, they are highly energetic and active. They are friendly and have proven to be a great companion of people.

  • Grooming:

They have a short and glossy coat of hair and shed very little. Shedding do occur but seasonally at a low rate.

If you want to minimize this shedding, then it is advised to brush your dog’s hair twice a week with grooming mitt.

Bichon Frise:

Bichon FriseBichon Frise is a little happy and playful dogs, and they have a cheerful personality. They are highly energetic and have high potential when they start playing.

These dogs don’t fall in the class of lap dogs, but this breed loves to skipping and jumping around rather than sitting at one place.

  • Grooming:

This breed needs haircuts on a regular basis, and this can be done by a dog’s owner or by a professional dog groomer.

Haircuts are expected to be done at about four to six weeks. Their coat should be brushed several times a week.

Shih Tzu:

Shih TzuThey were once royal palace dogs because of its coat of long hair. They are an archetypal lap dog and are cheerful. They are quite active and playful. They are delighted with their owner.

  • Grooming:

They have a long glossy coat of hair, and they have minimum hair loss or shed. But they require careful brushing, and you can style their hair too but with carefulness.

Some owners of dog prefer to trim their hair to avoid brushing. Longer hair requires cleaning every day, and shorter hair requires brushing two times a week.

Kerry Blue Terrier:

Kerry Blue TerrierThis breed contains beautiful medium-sized dogs, and they are well-known for their blue coat. The Kerry Blue Terrier is a friendly dog and is smart at households.

This breed is raised to be punctilious and requires an exercise, physically and mentally. They protect their loved ones, and this is natural in them.

  • Grooming:

Their coat is quite thick and wavy. So daily brushing is recommended at least twice in a week. Their hair should be sheared every six to eight weeks.

Chinese Crested:

Chinese CrestedChinese Crested are loving, and vibrant dog breed, and their energy level are temperate means not so high or not so low.

In this breed, best ones are those who shed very little and have tufts of hair on feet, head, and tail. A powderpuff version of this breed has soft, long beautiful hair and they shed at the low rate.

  • Grooming:

In Chinese Crested, both types require grooming. Those who are hairless requires extra skin care which can be done by applying sunscreen, or lotions.

However, they do have little hair, and they require brushing regularly. A powderpuff version of this breed’s coat asks for regular brushing.

Afghan Hound:

Afghan HoundAfghan dogs are known for their glamorous hairs and graceful skill. Their appearance is deception, but they have a fun, playful side and are quite loyal to loved ones.

They require a lot of exercises since they have a high energy level.

  • Grooming:

Due to their long silky hair, they require a lot of attention to make sure that they are healthy.

Daily brushing is their basic necessity, and coat should be washed every day.

Because of their long hair, they do not shed much. Some owners trim their dog hair to avoid daily brushing and washing.


BriardThey are a large dog who loves to herd. They are loyal, smart, and sporty. Because they are herders, they need mental and physical activity to flourish its ability of herding.

  • Grooming:

Regular brushing is essential and should be done daily because of their long coat. It is important to remove their dead hair through proper brushing.

If you don’t have time to take care of their coat of long hair, you may need to trim just the hair near their eyes and head.

Bedlington Terrier:

Bedlington TerrierBedlington Terrier has a beautiful lamb-like appearance, and they have a gentle nature rather than energetic. This breed comprises small to the medium-sized dogs.

They are lovely and appealing but are protecting and caring ones. But because this breed is a terrier, they have a high energy level. However, this breed does not shed at all.

  • Grooming:

Bedlington Terrier requires regular exercise and has a beautiful coat of extraordinarily soft and rough hair.

Their coat grows faster than other breeds. Because of the massive growth of hair, they require regular trimming. Brushing twice a week is essential.

Lhasa Apso:

Lhasa ApsoLhasa Apso is of small sized dogs, and they have the luscious coat. An interesting fact about them is that they were indoor watchdogs of Tibetan temples and palaces.

They are unfriendly with strangers but are friendly with the family. They have a moderate energy level, but they still need exercise, not the regular one but little more than just an essential routine practice.

  • Grooming:

They shed very little because of long hair and should be trimmed to avoid tangles. If you want to keep them longer, then they should be bathed daily and brushed several times a week.


XoloitzcuintliThis breed has a distinctive appearance with a unique name. Xoloitzcuintli is quite alert but has low-key, and it is loyal to its owner.

They also have varieties: Toy Xolos which are small in size and weigh about 10-15 pounds. Miniature Xolos are medium sized and weigh about 15-30 pounds. Standard Xolos range from medium to large, weighing about 31-56 pounds.

  • Grooming:

Xoloitzcuintli has two types when it comes to coat: hairless and other type is coated.

Hairless ones have smooth but tight skin, and they require skin care, which can be done with the help of lotions and sunscreen. They do have a small amount of hair on their head and ears.

The one which is coated has short hair that rarely sheds and should be brushed to get rid of broken hair in their coat.

Australian Terrier:

Australian TerrierWell, Australian Terrier is a cute and small dog. He is the best choice for those who look for a perfect little, courageous, and lively breed of a dog.

This breed is quite smart and energetic; it is advised that instead of physically challenging exercise, the mentally challenging workout is better for them.

The rough coat of this breed is good at preventing dirt.

  • Grooming:

Australian Terrier does not require grooming that much. But brushing twice a week is required, and they rarely need a bath.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier:

Dandie Dinmont TerrierThis breed had large and head with a small body which gives it a unique appearance. They are small in size and are sovereign and shrewd.

This breed has a very high energy level and is not overactive.

  • Grooming:

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier does not shed that much, but knots are formed in their coat if brushing is not done.

This breed requires extra care. However, a special stripping tool is needed for their special care.

Wire Fox:

Wire FoxThe Wire Fox is small in size but are tough and bold and have a companionable personality.

This breed is athletic and are intelligent but bit stubborn. These dogs are active when it comes to household and are a good companion for their owners.

  • Grooming:

Their coat is not soft but is rough and thin in texture and so sheds less or not at all.

It is preferred to hand strip their coats, but some prefer to coat trimmed with clippers. But the hair of them should be brushed twice a week.


Almost eighteen breeds are discussed above who shed very little or don’t shed at all. These breeds are expensive but are best for those who hate cleaning dog’s hair or are allergic to it.

These breeds like Poodle, Yorkshire, etc. are full of energy and have a beautiful coat of hair or little hair on head or ear. Some are easy to carry, and some are a good companion.

These dog’s breed requires a lot of care when it comes to brushing and bathing and also require exercise, but there will be no mess at home because these breeds shed little or do not shed at all.

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