Welcome to our platform, where we help our users to find which food is right for their dogs and which one is not!

Yes, if you’re a dedicated dog lover and want to share all your love and care with your furball, then surely you need to know about this topic.

Well, a dog’s digestive system must be different from humans. We humans can eat all fruits and vegetables, but this is not the case with dogs.

Although it may seem logical that if a particular plant or fruit is healthy for you, then it must be suitable for your fur baby, this is not the case every time.

So to stop you from making such a mistake, we’ve introduced a solution which helps you choose the proper food for your dog.

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Can my dog eat ... ?

The food is safe for your dog in moderate amounts.

This food should be limited in your dog’s diet (consult your vet.)

You should never feed this food to your dog.


Learn more through this characterized infographic about 130+ foods and whether dogs can eat them or not.

Benefits of Using Dog Food Checker:

Below are some main advantages and benefits of using this tool:

  • You can protect your dog’s digestive system from being disturbed.
  • A portion of the wrong food can do a lot of health issues among dogs, which could lead you serious health problems. Use our solution to avoid this problem.
  • Don’t make yourself fool by thinking about which you can eat; your dog can also eat. It’s time to show more care and love for your pet and chooses the right food.

So please don’t risk the precious life of your dog, and be the best caretaker by providing them with the right food.

We strongly recommend consulting your veterinarian if you are not sure about which food is good or bad for your dog.