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Fido Wants to Know! Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Every dog owner should know which fruit is best for their little friend to consume, and whether it is safe for his health or not.

What about watermelon? Is it good or bad for dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

So, a big YES to watermelons for your dogs.

There are many advantages of this fruit for your pet, but it should be given in moderation.

Everything should be eaten with moderation.

Watermelon for DogsExercising precautionary measures while eating watermelon will be beneficial for your dog, as your dog might react differently to certain foods. But is it safe for them to eat?

The answer is absolute. YES, but you need to follow some points to make it safe for your pet.

Seeds should be removed from the fruit, as they can cause intestinal blockage, so make sure you remove them before you feed it to your dog.

Additionally, remove the rind as well because it may cause gastrointestinal upset for your dog.

Besides this, red melon, if consumed in more significant amounts, can cause diarrhea or other digestive problems (upset stomach) as well.

So be careful when giving this tasty fruit to your beloved pets and follow some rules, like only giving your dogs the flesh to make it a happy fruit for them.

Many veterinarians say that red melon is safe and healthy for dogs to eat. They call it a healthy snack as it contains plenty of water which can keep your dog hydrated.

Moreover, they suggest that you can also freeze it before serving it to your dog to make it more refreshing for your pet.

The Right Way to Give Watermelon to Your Dog:

Can dogs eat watermelon rind? NO! When giving your dog this fruit, remove the rind as well as seeds to avoid any gastrointestinal problem. You can also purchase a seedless melon.

You should follow these guidelines to protect your dog from any choking hazards. Also, keep an eye on your pet while he is consuming this fruit so that you know that he is chewing food properly.


The Health Benefits of Watermelon:

Watermelon, as a fruit, is very beneficial for you and your dog’s health. It can provide many health benefits if you ensure that your dog consumes it in moderation.

One of the biggest benefits is that it is made of water. It will keep your pet hydrated on a hot sunny day. It is also a diuretic that means it will make your pet pee more, but as it has 90% of the water in it, it is beneficial for your furry friend.

Watermelon is also a nutritious snack for your dog. It has many vitamins and minerals in it, including vitamin A, B6, and potassium, as well as lycopene.

It also contains the right amount of fiber, which acts against the sugar contained in it for being bad for your pet. This healthy fruit also contains many antioxidants like vitamin C to decrease any inflammation.

Health Benefits of Melon for Dogs

Watermelon Ideas for Your Dog:

This huge fruit, when consumed in its purest form, is a very healthy snack option for your pet.

Many dog treats are also available, which are made of watermelon but make sure to read the ingredients thoroughly before buying them.

The dog treats are delicious, but many contain sweeteners or preservatives, which are not healthy for your dog. But if you want a changed healthy snack for your dog besides this pure red melon fruit, you can make it exciting by yourself by adopting some straightforward ways.

Frozen Treats:

You can make watermelon treats for your dog at home so that you are sure it doesn’t have any amount of preservatives in it.

You have to blend two cups of seedless melon with one cup of coconut water or milk and freeze it in the ice-cube tray. They are beneficial for your dog as well as you.

Homemade Jerky:

Watermelon JerkyIf you want to make your watermelon tastier and more fun to chew, you can use a dehydrator to make your delicious fruit into chewy treats.

This will make your fruit less beneficial for its hydrating benefits, but sometimes, you can give your pet these chewy treats just for a change.


If your dog doesn’t like this juicy fruit with water or coconut milk, you have an alternative to blending it with yogurt.

Make sure you use natural low-fat yogurt so that the smoothie is free from sugar and other additives.

This can only be adopted if your dog has no resistance with the dairy products, or you have to be sure you don’t give him too much.

Is Too Much Watermelon Bad for Your Pet?

Too much of anything, whether it be any fruit may not be healthier for your pet.

If you want to save your pet from any adverse ill effects, make sure he eats the sweet melon packs plenty of water in moderate quantities. If he takes too much of it, he might suffer from digestive or intestinal issues.

Can Puppies Eat Watermelon?

Is Watermelon Safe For DogsYES, puppies can eat this fruit too if you want to train them for taste at an early age.

As soon as your puppy passes on the weaning period, you can start to give him a small quantity.

Same as the adult dogs, make sure of the amount given to your pet because too much of it will more adversely affect your dog’s digestive system and he is more likely to suffer from diarrhea or bloating.

Moreover, feed your puppy with tiny pieces of watermelon as his stomach is smaller than an adult dog, and it can’t handle much of the fruit.

How to Prepare Watermelon for Your Dog?

Your dog can’t easily eat watermelon as whole fruit, as the fruit is more significant for their jaws and they can’t chew it. You have to slice them into one inched wedge shape.

Also, remove the seeds and rind for easy digestibility. Serve the fruit to your dog as treats or snacks after meals to be beneficial for your pooch’s health.

Final Word:

So we have concluded that dogs can eat watermelon. It’s safe and healthy for them. I hope the mentioned above guide will help you.

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