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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? A Good Treat or Not?

Can dogs eat strawberries? Ahm! Well, this one is the most asked questions by many dog owners, the short answer is YES! They can.

Strawberries are perfect for your lovely dog; however, you should feed it in a small size portion.

Everything should be consumed in moderation and so for this fruit. The reason is too many berries can lead your dog’s diarrhea and vomiting but don’t worry; they aren’t toxic at all.

These fruits are full of healthy nutrients and suitable for dogs. They are non-toxic for your pet, but it contains sugar, and the excessive amount can lead to an upset stomach.

The best option is to always ask your veterinarian before giving anything to your dog.

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Strawberries – Good for the Dog or Not?

Dogs and StrawberriesStrawberries are best for dogs; these have some fantastic health benefits, characteristics, and nutrients. Berries contain Vitamin C, high water content, and Fiber.

No doubt, these fruits are delicious and sweet and contain fructose – a natural sugar. However, giving it in large quantities is terrible for your cute dog’s health, so always remember any fruit should not be a proper meal but still be added in moderation.

These contain Omega-3, which is a comprehensive source for having a healthy coat and skin, and an excellent source of getting Vitamins B1, C, B6, Potassium, Folic Acid, and K.

Health Benefits of Berries for Dogs:

There are many benefits of eating this sweet soft red fruit for dogs. These are:

Strength the Immune System:

Yes, berries are full of antioxidants. These are the excellent source of energy for your pup to stay active and to go strong all day.

Promote Good Digestion:

Strawberries help dogs to digest food easily. These are the best alternative to other high fat treats as these contain Fiber and Vitamin C, which promotes a dog’s digestive health and keeps your dog’s health on track.

Dog Dental Health:

Always try to replace your dog’s food with fresh, and natural treats like strawberries. It helps to keep the dog’s teeth naturally white.

Yes, berries are the natural treats which help to promote teeth health and avoid gum issues. The reason is this fruit contains an enzyme which promotes whitening of teeth.

So get your dog naturally sparkling white teeth, go for strawberry.

Berries for Dogs

Promote Weight Loss:

Do you want to help your fluffy and chubby pup in weight loss?

Well, strawberry is the best option for him. Yes, these provide dietary Fiber and various nutrients which help your pup feel full and nutritional all day. In this way, it can help your dog to eat less and avoid excess weight gain, which no doubt can be challenging to shed.

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and potassium, which help your pooch avoid cramps and keep his muscles healthy and in good working condition. These also contain manganese useful for regulating blood sugar and prevent arthritis in dogs.

Similarly, as mentioned above, Vitamin C has a whole host of benefits. It boosts the dog’s immune system, promote the capacity to the fight against the flu and cold.

However, if your dog has a sleeping pattern problem, then these red fruits are an excellent source for getting better sleep for the dog as these increase Melatonin in dogs.

How to Feed Dogs Strawberries?

Well, to feed your dog strawberries, always make sure to clean them and remove the green tops carefully properly.

No doubt berries come in bite-size but cutting them into small pieces could eliminate the choking danger. Small pieces also help your dog to digest them easily.

However, if you have a cute little puppy, then you can mash up the berries and add them to your pup’s regular food. If your pooch like the strawberry taste, then you can treat him with strawberry-flavored crunchy dog treats and like that.

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The Best Strawberry Recipes for Your Dog:

Here is a list of top best recipes for your dog to give him the best meal treat.

Smoothie Recipe:

To prepare this recipe, you need ½ cup frozen unsweetened strawberries and the same quantity of bananas. Now add ¼ cup water in the bowl with items mentioned above and blend. Now serve only one portion as a special treat to your dog and make 3 portions.

Popsicles Recipe:

Well, it’s quite easy and fun to make your favorite dog-friendly berry frozen treats at home. Here we have the best strawberry recipe for your dog.

Put a sufficient amount of berries in your blender and add 2 ounces of yogurt and water in it. However, blend it until it gets completed blended and adds water during the blending process if needed. Now spoon the prepared batter in your cube trays and freeze it until solid.

Can Your Dog Eat Strawberry Yogurt?

Strawberry YogurtNo doubt plain (no sweetened) yogurt is the best source to lower calories of your dog, but if you want to go for something different, then the options are unlimited.

The possibilities range from vanilla to delicious strawberry. However, always make sure these don’t contain Xylitol and another artificial sweetener.

What about Strawberry Ice-cream?

It can cause a lot of stomach troubles such as stomach-ache, nausea, and other problems. However, you should always watch your innocent dog when he starts eating strawberry ice-cream to avoid any additional condition.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? – Summary:

In the end, all I want to say, dogs can eat strawberries as these are full of nutrition and is a great fruit which is safe to consume.

Berries have a lot of health benefits and keep your pup fit and active. You can give it as a treat in moderation to your dog, due to its interests, many veterinaries recommend it for dogs.

This delicious fruit help dogs fighting against various diseases and are full of antioxidants, cancer-fighting properties.

Berries promote a healthy digestive system and encourage healthy kidney and heart function. It also prevents your dog arthritis and other serious health issues.

So next time if you plan to give a treat to your young canine, then don’t forget to add strawberries in his regular diet as a small portion. An excessive amount can harm him, so keep this factor in mind as well.

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