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Should Broccoli Be the Part of a Dog’s Diet List?

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? Before discussing whether broccoli is meant for dogs or not, it is essential to put some light upon that dogs have a different metabolic system than humans.

Their digestive system is smaller than human, and this means their daily requirement and process of digesting different vegetable is different.

There are various fruits and vegetables that dogs are unable to digest like, onions and garlic because they cause an increased heart rate, respiratory problems and can also lead dogs to collapse.

Moreover cherries, mushroom, grapes, avocado, potatoes, apple, celery, shrimp, tuna, etc. are some fruits and vegetable which is not good for a dog’s metabolic system.

But what about broccoli? Is it safe for dogs?

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Share Your Broccoli With the Dog:

Broccoli for DogYes, a dog’s metabolic system can digest broccoli without any harm. They can quickly eat them either raw or cooked. But if you are feeding them raw or cooked broccoli, then no seasoning should be added.

Moreover, broccoli can be part of the dogs-diet list, but it should be fed to the dog in small quantity because broccoli can cause gastric problems in the dog.

Life-Changing Advantages for the Dog:

Broccoli is that green vegetable which is enriched with nutrients. It is a reservoir of vitamin A, C, and K.

Vitamin K can make bones and muscles strong by increasing the density of bone. So, broccoli is good for older dogs to make their bones stronger.

Old dogs are not able to make a sufficient amount of vitamin for their body which can lead to weakness of bone and also, they are less resistant towards cancer.

Since broccoli contains vitamin C which acts as resistant against cancerous cell so broccoli in their diet will give an excellent boost to their body, it also consists of manganese and folate.

Most importantly it consists of a less amount of fat and calories. It can boost up the dog’s digestive system and can play a crucial role in improving the dog’s health without any change in their normality.

Since a dog’s age faster than human; broccoli can solve this problem too. Broccoli in a reservoir of antioxidants, which can help dog’s internal system to fight with chronic diseases and it can also slow down the normal aging process of dogs.

It also consists of Bioflavonoids which help the body to fight against cancerous cells and prevents the formation of inflammation. Bioflavonoids also protect dogs from allergies.

In recent years, dog food manufacturing companies have started added broccoli in their products since it is the cheapest healthy snack for dogs.

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Broccoli Advantages for Dog

The Right Step Towards Good Health:

An appropriate amount of broccoli that should be given to the dog is almost 10%. Exceeded amount of broccoli can cause health issues in dogs although it is not poisonous. The reason behind this is that it contains an Isothiocyanate which can cause gastric irritation in dogs.

It is not sometimes safe for dogs since it can lead to choking. It is suggested to take of fiber skin from the stem before giving to your dog as a chewing toy. Some dogs with goiter issues are not allowed to feed broccoli since they cause irritation in intestines.

Dogs are considered omnivores, but meat is right for their digestive system without any harm. However, adding a small amount in their diet once a week will be a healthy change in their diet.

Tips and Tricks to Feed Broccoli:

Now we know it is good for their health, but the problem that most people face is how to feed them. In order to feed them, you have to experiment on the various method of feeding them.

The stem of broccoli mimics a chewing toy for large dogs, and they can easily congest them or chew them into small pieces.

Small puppies should not be fed too much broccoli, and their amount of feeding broccoli should be less than an adult dog. One stalk of broccoli is enough for a small dog and can be the part of its diet, once a week.

If you decide to cook broccoli, then it is advised to not add any seasoning or salt in it. It will be suitable to keep broccoli in its natural form.

Exceeded amount of salt is hazardous to the dog’s health. It will be tasty for dogs if you boil them because then it will be softer for dogs to easily chew or steam the broccoli it will also do so.

Tips to Feed Broccoli

Veteran Knows Best:

If you want to add broccoli in dogs diet, it is essential to consult the vet. The veteran can guide you about the suitability of broccoli in their diet.

Dogs may not find broccoli taste pleasant so it is better to slowly introduce them in their diet because a quick change in their diet can upset their health.

If broccoli is divided into small pieces, then it will help them not only in eating but also it will prevent them from choking.

Too Much Broccoli is a Hazard:

Broccoli DietIf a dog ate too much broccoli, it is necessary to take preventive measures against it. If it caused slight dog discomfort, then doctors suggest making them drink lots of water to prevent an overdose of broccoli in the body.

If a sufficient amount of water is given to them, then the dog will be back towards its normal behavior within 24 hours. If they didn’t get any better, then it is advised to take them for a check-up to the veteran.

Some symptoms of over-dosage of broccoli are vomiting, seizures, diarrhea, resistant to eat any food, pale gums, disorientation, and change in behavior, unresponsive and might lead to the collapsing of dog.

So, there are various advantages of broccoli since its appropriate amount is given to dogs, but multiple breeds of dog are not able to digest its small amount. So it is advised to start with a small part of the meal to observe it and if it suits them then broccoli once a week would be an excellent boost to their health.

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