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Best Vacuums for Pet Hair – Top 5 Rated Picks for 2019

Are you looking for the best vacuum for pet hair?

Well, there’s no vacuum called the Golden Retriever fur reliever, but there’re many vacuums that can help you remaining maximum fur from your upholstery.

So, continue reading this article, and you’ll get to know about them.

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The Top 5 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2019:

Looking for a pet hair vacuum but you are confused which one is the best? Don’t worry, we narrowed down our search to 5 of the best vacuums for pet hair you can buy, based on many vacuum cleaners ratings on various e-commerce websites.

Top 5 Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2019
Hoover LiNX Vacuum Cleaner BH50010Upright
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356EUpright
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, Corded, 33A1Handheld
BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hardfloor 81L2AStick Vacuum
Hoover Corded Upright Vacuum UH70210Upright
Review by: HP Team Rating Score: 4.2 out of 5

Hoover LiNX BH50010:

Hoover LiNX BH50010If you are browsing for the most user-friendly and an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, then let me inform you that your search has now come to an end.

That’s right, ‘Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner’ was created for its consumers to easily handle the dust and debris gathered in all the corners as well as carpets without any difficulties of changing dust bags or having to look for electric sockets.

It is practical and portable at a price less than $100 and can get the work done in a short period without any hindrance.

  • Pros:

Light-Weighted: The Hoover LiNX is an upright vacuum cleaner similar to a stick which is very lightweight hence, making it very easy for its users to carry it around the house. Moreover, it requires a tiny storage space.

Easy-Charging: It seems like the Hoover LiNX has an interchangeable and removable Lithium-Ion-battery that is automatically charged so that the consumers can clean all the dirt of their households or workplaces without bothering about when the battery would drain.

Its battery can give a cleaning time of about twenty minutes after just a three-hour charging session which is a lot compared to other vacuum cleaners that run the same time but require a longer time to charge.

Power Gauge: Also, there is a power gauge to tell you about the life of the battery to aid you in prioritizing cleaning tasks. However, an extra battery does not come with the vacuum cleaner and has to be bought separately making you spend more cash than you asked for.

Its triple wind tunnel technology which sucks up three times more filth and trash than an average vacuum cleaner are remarkable and one of its kind.

Attached Power Brush: The Hoover LiNX comes with a power brush that can be turned on and off with the help of just a switch.

Using this brush one can rest assured that once they are done using it, their carpets would be purified of the dust particles of any kind whether big or small. To use it on hard floors, turn off the power brush using the switch.

As I mentioned above that there are no dust bags attached to it so where does the dirt go? Hoover LiNX comes with a see-through dust chamber, so you always know when to make a run for the trash can.

Once you are done vacuuming you can very quickly separate it from the vacuum cleaner, hold it over a dustbin and instantly press the release button to get rid of the dirt.

This stick vacuum has an upright head that swivels and can almost glide over the surface without having to apply force to clean the corners.

One of the advantages is that the handle can be reclined to become almost parallel to the surface. Thus, making it a suitable option to clean under the furniture. It also has an auto height adjustment feature to help clean out all sizes of debris.

  • Cons:

The use of this stick vacuum cleaner is restricted when it comes to staircases and does not contain any detachable attachments.

People who live in houses where their furniture along with other materials is tightly organized would find this vacuum cleaner perfect.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E:

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356ELooking to buy a vacuum cleaner or perhaps you want to replace the old one? The ‘Shark Navigator’ will make an excellent addition to your household.

It is a high-powered vacuum which is not just perfect for hard bare floors but your carpets as well.

One vacuum would make the entire surface of your house look impeccable.

  • Pros:

Canister & Steer Feature: Its thirty feet long cord makes it easy to clean large rooms and hallways without any need for extensions to plug them in. It does not weigh too much for anyone to have difficulty in lifting it and clean the spider webs off the ceilings.

The lightweight canister can easily be lifted once vacuuming is done and there is a need to dispose of the waste. Moreover, it is straightforward to use and can slide under the furniture and around large objects to clean up the dirt.

The swivel steering feature enables the vacuum to easily clean any corners in the house along with aiding in cleaning the stair railings.

Frictionless-Drive: Moreover, once you have the shark navigator, you would not have any difficulties in completing your cleaning chores.

Its smooth drive cleans all kinds of surface and equipment without any need to move furniture or your coffee tables. This saves you precious time and energy.

Pet owners who are faced with an issue of always picking the fur, people in business who want their office tiles to look spotless and parents who are obsessed with tidy floors and carpets would all find this product useful.

HEPA Filter: This vacuum cleaner comes with an anti-allergen complete seal technology and a HEPA filter that tends to be Fruitful for people who are allergic to dust particles or pet hair.

It accumulates 99.9% of allergens and dust in its extra-large canister which can be easily lifted away from the vacuum for disposal.

HEPA stands for ‘High Efficiency-Particulate Arrestance” and is incredible at refining the air around your house of all the allergens and dust by sucking all of it into the vacuum.

Simultaneously, it gives away fresh, breathable air in your environment making it clearer of all impurities. Instead of using a mop or a broom to tidy up your floors use the shark which performs a much important task than other cleaning items.

There is a dust away attachment for cleaning hardwood and linoleum floors. The soft pad of this attachment saves you a lot of money that would have been otherwise spent in replacing your floors, by making sure there is no damage or scratch on the floor.

A couple of other tools come with the shark such as the pet power brush and the crevice tool.

The usefulness of the shark for pet owners can be measured by the ability of the pet power brush that comes with it. It can pull up large amounts of fur from the carpets as well as the furniture.

Crevice Tool: The other tool that comes with it is the crevice tool. It helps in reaching out between the floorboards, in and around vents and walls to clear them off the dirt.

It simply allows you to clean up the places that other vacuum cleaners are unable to reach as a result of their design and limited features.

Lift-Away Mode: The lift away mode makes the shark portable which you can carry around the house without any noise of the wheels moving on your hard floor.

The canister can be detached, and a dusting pad can be attached to make it go from weighing fourteen pounds to eight pounds. This will save you an expensive session with your chiropractor as it will keep you from hurting your back while carrying the vacuum around the house.

  • Cons:

However, there are a few limitations to this otherwise perfect vacuum cleaner. One is that the hose is very small so there is a chance you may end up sucking something bigger and clogging the pipe.

Moreover, it needs the crevice tool to clear the wall edges. There is a dust away attachment for cleaning hardwood and linoleum floors — the soft pad of this.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum:

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld VacuumAre you tired of picking up pet hair all over your couch, chairs, and furniture? If yes, then you will be pleased to know that this handheld vacuum can solve your problem.

The Bissell pet hair eraser is one of the best vacuums for pet hair which can be easily bought online for under $50. While it does not come with any elegant tools like a rotating brush, it still performs its task very effectively.

  • Pros:

Dimensions: This is a small but potent vacuum cleaner which is lightweight and can easily be used by one hand.

Precisely, it is 10 x 8 x 5 inches in size. When switched on, the torque of the powerful motor starting can be felt that helps in sucking the air and cleaning up the dirt.

However, if not handled the exhaust air carefully can become an obstacle in the sanitation of the surface and blow the dust away making it even more challenging to clean.

On the one hand, the ability of this superior handheld vacuum to draw 4Amps makes it stronger than its competitors. On the other, the robust engine makes a lot of noise, but I guess it’s a reasonable price for getting a useful but small vacuum cleaner.

The Dirt Bin: The Bissell pet hair eraser has a washable transparent dirt bin and a washable HEPA filter. This filters the air we breathe, but there is a very steep price to pay to replace it.

To ensure that the handheld vacuum is working at its full capacity and strength, it is essential to clean the dirt bin from time to time.

Two Active Nozzles: The most significant feature is that there are a flexible rubber contour nozzle and hard nozzle which proves very helpful in cleaning.

The rubber contour nozzle can be used to clear your stairs, furniture, and carpets off of pet hair while the hard nose is usually more suitable to clean dry dirt.

Exceptional Suction: This vacuum makes up for its drawbacks by having an incredible suction power allowing the users to get rid of any kind dirt that is either stuck on the couch or their floors.

  • Cons:

It should be noted that this is a corded handheld vacuum and if you are using it to clean your house, you might need multiple outlets to be able to use it.

Frequent connecting and reconnecting might come off as annoying and wastage of time. Moreover, the filter can get contaminated and clogged to the point where you will have to replace the filter.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hardfloor 81L2A:

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hardfloor 81L2AIf you are a pet owner or your house has hard floors then this vacuum cleaner will be your new best friend when it comes to cleaning.

It has been manufactured to make it more manageable and user-friendly so that the users can have efficient cleaning experience. It is designed with features to fit the needs of potential buyers with material that are the best in quality in the market.

  • Pros:

Durability & Design: A significant advantage is that the components used are durable so once you buy this machine, you would not have to make another purchase of a vacuum cleaner shortly.

Most importantly Bissell PowerEdge will meet the needs of people who have had difficulties in making their hard floors spotless as well as people who find it hard to remove stains off of the floors.

Its features include a v-shape design technology that can pick up pet hair and debris better than any other vacuum cleaner in the market.

This is particularly very easy to assemble to help you get started right away and can adapt to different activities without any complications.

Dirt Cup: It is a bagless vacuum cleaner that comes with a dirt cup, and it can be easily removed for cleaning. With the help of its swivel head design, it can make sharp turns around your furniture and corners to make give you a thorough cleaning session.

Extended Power Cord: There is a 20 feet power cord to help you clean bigger rooms and a medium sized lounge in your home. There is no need to continually unplug the machine and look for more outlets in your house.

Inexpensiveness: Most customers are hesitant in buying such equipment thinking it would break down in a few months, and they would be forced to find a replacement. However, the quality of the components of the Bissell PowerEdge is top notch making it last longer.

Moreover, it comes with a warranty of one year which many customers found appealing when buying such electronic equipment.

Since there is no bag, you would not have to spend more money on bags. There is no need for you to use a broom or a mop to be able to clean under your furniture as this vacuum cleaner can quickly get the job done for with its swivel design.

It is a lightweight but mighty machine that has a motor running on 6Amps of power. Although this vacuum cleaner is the most recommended one in the market, it does not come without its limitations.

  • Cons:

Some of the items use in the manufacturing of this vacuum are made of plastic making them to more prone to scratches and damage.

One way of avoiding any damages is to keep it in a higher place out of the reach of the children. To prevent the malfunctioning of two sections, i.e., front and back of the V-Shape Design, you have to clean after you sweep your house to make sure there is not any debris or a piece of cloth stuck in the pipe.

A lot of devices seems to be performing poorly. This happens when they come in contact with a wet surface as it shorts out as soon as it touches anything wet. It might electrocute the person using it.

To be safe just put in a place that is dry to prevent any malfunctioning. Moreover, the power edge vacuum hardwood has no filter system to refine the air and make the environment in your home pleasant.

Hoover Corded Upright Vacuum UH70210:

Hoover Corded Upright Vacuum UH70210This vacuum happens to be a great option if anyone in your home suffers from severe asthma or allergies as it cleans out any sort of fussy dust and dirt.

Pet owners are usually faced with an issue of pet hair on their clothes which become irritable, annoying and difficult to remove.

Hoover corded upright vacuum alleviates this issue and removes all pet hair in a short amount of time. It is the ultimate choice when it comes to cleaning your carpets, floor, and furniture.

  • Pros:

Automated Brush: This comes with an automated foot operated on/off brush roller in an upright position to help you get rid of fine particles, dust, and dirt over your hardwood floors.

You only need to set the vacuum head down to the floor where you want the brush roller to clean and let the Hoover vacuum do its magic by smoothly moving over the surface and getting rid of the debris on the floors.

Once you are done push the pedal with your foot to disengage the brush. Many vacuum cleaners are restricted to always having to use rotator brush installed in them because there are not any buttons given to switch them on and off.

Alternatively, Hoover comes with a rotator brush that can be disabled to suit the needs of the customer.

Height Adjustment: No matter how many flooring types you have or how deep you want your floor to be cleaned, with its five-position carpet height adjustment feature, you can adjust the vacuum cleaner to suit all kinds of requirements.

Effortless Storage: A lot of people who have been using vacuums for cleanliness purposes complain about the difficulties they face in storing it in their house. However, Hoover Corded upright comes with a foldable handle to help you store it safely without any distress.

It is very lightweight equipment making it easy for its users to carry it around the house as per their needs.

It provides powerful and smooth suction to clean your carpets and floors off of any dust particles whether big or small and make them look flawless.

Rewinding Cord: Previously manufactured vacuums had a non-appealing cord which used to get tangled and difficult to manage while working. Hoover has a 25 feet long cord which one can easily rewind.

All you have to do is tap the pedal to rewind the cord, and it will come right back to its original location. This way you can save a lot of time and store it neatly.

Air Powered Pet Hand Tool: It is a favorable machine for someone who is a pet lover and has a few pets in their house. With its ‘Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool’ feature, you can easily get rid of pet hair from your floors.

In case you have pet hair stuck on your furniture then the pet upholstery tool would come in handy. This removes pet hair from your expensive furniture and makes it spotless in no time.

Crevice Tool: Another accessory that will come with this vacuum cleaner is the crevice tool.

This enables users to clean all the corners in their house with the help of its 12-inch extension wand. It has also proven to be remarkable in cleaning walls and ceilings including any of the floor areas.

Advanced Technology: The bagless Hoover UH70210 model is another fantastic model that comes with dual cyclonic air system technology. Yes, it helps reduces the chance of losing suction during cleaning.

It’s charcoal filter clogs dirt and dust particles from the airflow and does not get dirty fast. This means that this filter would not need replacing for a significant amount of time and can be used without any hesitation.

Replacing HEPA Filter: To make your life much more comfortable, there is a system indicator light to inform the user when the filter needs cleaning of itself or replacing.

Excitingly, this charcoal HEPA filter helps absorbs odor from your room. Hence, the filter ensures that your house is free of any odd smells and there is a pleasant air for anyone living or coming to the household to breathe.

A bonus point is that its washable filter is straightforward to access for cleaning.

Power Cord & Headlight: It comes with a long power cord as mentioned above and does not require its user to change sockets to be able to clean larger rooms.

An added feature of this machine is the headlight which proves very fruitful when it comes to cleaning the dark places of your house such as your basements or an underground garage.

Firm Suction: A lot of vacuum cleaners seem to lose its suction appeal overtime with excessive usage. This is not the case with this equipment; it has a steady and powerful suction that is maintained for as long as you are using it.

  • Cons:

One of the few limitations of this vacuum cleaner is that its hose is too short and may not be stretch further than we want it to. It should be noted that continuous usage can lead the vacuum cleaner to overheat so you may have to switch it off to cool it down before continuing your cleaning chores any further.

Buyer’s Guide for Pet Hair Vacuum:

If you are a pet lover, you must know to own a pet have many responsibilities. Besides its cleanliness and food, trying to be careful that pet hair does not fall on your house surfaces is a challenging task.

Even when you brush your pet’s hair, they fall. The only way to tackle this situation is to clean the surfaces regularly, but one cannot hold the broom all the time to keep the house clean from the pet’s hair.

This leads you to think for the need for a quality pet vacuum. You can keep your pet groomed regularly, but dog hair can always be found on the floor even when removed daily, and the only solution is the use of a vacuum.

When you go to a market for purchasing a vacuum, you will find many options which are usually confusing.

Deciding which a vacuum is best for your pet’s hair and your home keeping in mind, your need for it can only be done if you know that particular vacuum specifications and features.

So, the questions like what is this vacuum features and what matter for you the most and what doesn’t will affect your purchase significantly and help you in determining how well the vacuum will clean your carpets and home surfaces from the pet’s hair.

There are several factors that you have to assess before settling on the perfect pet hair vacuum cleaner. The following buyer’s guide is for you to assist you in selecting the best vacuum for your pet’s hair.

Pet Hair Vacuum

Type of Vacuums:

The three types including upright vacuum, canister vacuum, and all-rounder vacuum available in the market may confuse you concerning which suits your requirements the best.

If you have the wall-to-wall floor covering or lots of mats in your house, upright vacuum particularly those with a bag are the best choice.

If you have more stairs, then canister vacuums are perfect. They are easier to move, and they will do cleaning well on floors with hard surfaces, from hardwood to tile.

Vacuum Features:

Many features hinder you while you are thinking to buy a vacuum cleaner. For example, a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush cleans the carpets far better than the one-powered by suction.

A switch that can deactivate the brush will help secure the completion of bare floors and avoid messing the hair around.

Bagged Vacuum vs Bagless Vacuums:

Bagless vacuum cleaners save money as you don’t have to buy bags. However, they also require more filters that need regular cleaning.

Then again, the dust and mess of emptying the container of a bagless vacuum can be dangerous if you have asthma or dust allergies. In this situation, bagged vacuums can quickly solve your problem.

“Should I Buy a Bagged or a Bagless Vacuum?”

Vacuum Performance:

When selecting a vacuum for cleaning the pet hair, one should also check how the particular the vacuum works in performance with the pet hair.

The point to think includes the suction power of the vacuum whether it sucks the hair easily or will make a clog during suction.

Value for Money:

When buying the vacuum for pet hair, you also have to keep in mind the value and worthiness of that money for your vacuum cleaner.

It’s not always necessary that you buy an expensive one so that it works well. Instead, check the features and compare them with other vacuums as well both the expensive and cheap brands and try to figure out which one is best for you.

You might find some features specifically you need in the cheaper vacuum rather than those extra features in the expensive ones you don’t need at all.

Types of Pets:

Different pets have different hair shedding degree. Some pets like dogs may shed a lot of hair while pets like cats may shed a little. So, it’s essential to keep in mind what pet you have before buying the vacuum cleaner for your pets’ hair.

Heavy or Light Vacuums:

Pet Hair Vacuum CleanerWhen selecting vacuums, it’s also necessary to consider its weight. If you have to carry your vacuum, it is better to opt for a light-weighted cleaner for its better portability.

On the other hand, if your surface area which is to be cleaned is large, you may opt for a heavy weighted vacuum cleaner as it will clean a large surface in less time.


Purchasing whether an expensive or cheap vacuum cleaner, it is always important to buy a warranted one. This is important in case you need to get you cleaner repaired or replaced due to some unexpected reason.


One more the critical thing to consider before buying your vacuum cleaner is to look for Its capacity.

If you need to clean the surface more often, your vacuum should have more capacity so that you can clean your pet’s hair from all the surfaces rather than discarding the bag’s dust again and again before cleaning which may be a headache sometimes.

HEPA Filter:

Some vacuums have HEPA filters in them, which is the best option for those who have dust allergies and sensitivities. So, taking care of yourself as well as your pet is an important point to consider while purchasing the vacuum cleaner.

Easy Storage:

If you have a small storage area to keep your vacuum cleaner, you should be opting for a small one rather than a large one which will be a burden for you afterward.

Cleaning Pet Hairs at Home


Keeping in mind all the above points and then purchasing your vacuum cleaner for the pet’s hair will result in worthy of spending your money.

Deciding the final vacuum cleaner for your home is a challenging task as you have to go through many mindful confusions regarding every feature. But if you love your pet, the maintenance of it is essential for you as well as your home is a place which you should be kept clean.

So, follow these factors and end up buying the best vacuum cleaner for your pet’s hair.

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