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5 Best Dog Shock Collars (2019 Top Picks)

Q: What is the best dog shock collars on the market?

Back in the 1960s, humans started using dog collars to train their beloved pets, and at that time, the devices used for the training purposes deliver very high power (unethical use).

Fortunately, in the contemporary modern era, the collars that are used for training dogs do not shock them at very high levels, but they give lows shocks to them.

These shock collars are used for various purposes like behavioral modification: obedience training, pet containment, military – police, and service training.

Now, if you’re considering buying one of these controversial devices, keep reading, because the following information will help make choosing the right one a lot easier.

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The 5 Best Dog Shock Collars of 2019:

Here is a list of the best dog training collars; you can check the features, pros, and cons of each and get the appropriate one for your canine.

Our Top Picks (2019)
Petrainer PET998DRB1 Collar330 Yards
PetTech PT0Z1 Training Collar400 Yards
SportDOG 425 Remote Trainers500 Yards
Waterproof Shock Collar330 Yards
Petronics Rechargeable Collar330 Yards

Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Shock Collar:

Petrainers Dog Shock CollarIf you are new in the field of training pet dogs, then this is the ideal collar to start with.

The remote control of the device can work at a faraway distance and helps you in training the misbehavior of your dog. It has an LCD and a light mode as well.

Using this collar, you can even keep your dogs in control at night time as well. It works efficiently within a radius of 330 yards. It has a stimulation level of 0 to 100 degree.


  • The rainproof quality of the product makes it a sustainable device for more prolonged use.
  • The manufacturers give 4 years replace and warranty of the product.
  • This shock collar comes with an adjustable nylon strap that fit sizes from 15 to 22 inches.
  • Light mode feature of this gadget enables dogs to see in the case there is low light.
  • Used for the purpose to correct, walking, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral disobedience.
  • Cheap product than many other dog collars out there in the market.


  • Not a suitable product for small dogs.
  • It can give a hard time as it needs to be recharged twice a week.
  • Not a very user-friendly device.

PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar:

PetTech Dog Training CollarUsing this dog shock collar can make you fall in love with it, as it has some really amazing features that make it worth using the device.

If you want to train your dogs to swim, then, this is not a thing to be worried about as it as it is water resistant.

You can enjoy having a relaxed swimming experience with your dog by your side.


  • One of the most highlighted benefits of using this gadget is that it is waterproof and no harm can be done to it if it comes in contact with water.
  • It has 4 modes of training that makes the trainers feel satisfied while training their dogs. These include shock, light, vibration, and beep.
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • Signals towards the device can be sent within a perimeter of 1200 feet.
  • The products come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Price is a plus point for purchasing this collar.
  • Free dog training also an advantage for buying this product as customers can get free training advice via email.
  • Has the power to save battery when not in use.


  • The manufacturer used a very low-quality material which can be broken down easily.
  • Not recommendable device for all the dogs that weigh below 10 to 100 pounds.

SportDOG Brand 425 Family Remote Trainers:

SportDOG Family Remote TrainersThis is the best shock collar for dogs as it can fulfill the training needs of the dog owners in specific.

It has a static stimulation with 7 different levels. This helps the trainers to be in control of and make them comfortable throughout the training time.


  • It is a waterproof device that makes it a product of high-quality.
  • Rechargeable batteries make life much more comfortable.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing this product, then you should know that it has the option of attaching additional collars as well.
  • It has customizable buttons. These buttons function quite smoothly.
  • Give control to the owner because of its seven-level static stimulation.
  • A detailed guide and training DVD is present inside the box of the product.
  • It works consistently every time you use it.
  • Quite simple operate it.


  • An expensive device as compared to other dogs collars out there.
  • It can only work within a small area, i.e., 500 yards.
  • It is not suggested to be used for correcting the aggressive behavior of the dogs.
  • Another drawback of the product is the packing, it is tough to open the hardly sealed product.

Waterproof Shock Collar – Rechargeable:

Waterproof Shock CollarThis shock collar is advised to use if you are looking for a product that is good for training purposes. It can be a helping hand for you if you are training your dog by yourself.

If you are professional dog trainers, then it saves your time and helps you train 9 dogs at a time.

Shock level range is from 0 to 99. A security keypad lock is an essential feature of the product. It also comes with 3 training modes. The product is designed with advanced technology.


  • An only product so far which has the ability to train 9 dogs at a time.
  • This is a waterproof training collar.
  • It can be purchased at a really affordable price.
  • The customer’s service is useful for the product.


  • Can only be used in a range of 1000 feet (330 yards).
  • Same reviews of the products, if you read them, tells you about its faulty battery.
  • Absence of the on/off button drains the battery quickly.
  • It is not useful for dogs with thick fur.
  • If you use a device product operation can be substantially delayed.

Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar:

Petronics Rechargeable Training CollarPetronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar has the features in it if you are searching for a product to help you in training your dogs.

It does not matter if you are worried about your dog’s excessive barking, their hard leash pulling, dogs biting, aggression, running away then this remarkable device would be beneficial for you in training them.

It could become your favorite training gadget.


  • It has some fantastic thing to use as it has an extra collar that is added in the package.
  • The range of the device is a maximum of 330 yards.
  • The transmitter and the receiver collar are rechargeable which contain Lithium Batteries.
  • This is an extra plus point that the collar is water resistant.
  • The collar is usable for dogs that weigh from 10 to 100 pounds.
  • Memory and automatic function save battery power.
  • The light mode of the collars helps dogs to find their way and know about their surroundings in case of low light.
  • It comes with a 5-year replacement and full refund warranty.
  • Available for dogs of all sizes.
  • Not a complicated device to use.
  • Multiple training methods include one standard tone, 100 vibration levels, and 100 static shock levels.
  • The nylon collar is adjustable and easy to use.
  • 1-year warranty is available.
  • The customer’s service teams respond within 24 hours in case of any query about the product.


  • It has no room for more than two collars.
  • The dogs can feel irritation from the device if they wear it for a long time.

Best Shock Collar For Dogs – Buying Advice:

The following are some of the tips to be kept in mind while you are deciding to purchase a training collar for your pet dogs. These can eventually benefit you in many ways and will not give you a tough time throughout the training.

Indeed, by, following the below-mentioned tips, you can spend your money by buying the best dog shock collars available in the market.

Best Shock Collar for Dogs

Dog Size:

The essential thing to ponder upon is the size of your dog. It is advisable for you people to features of the product so you will be able to know that the particular collar will fit your dog or not.

Whether you are ordering the collar through an online website, it would be a great thing to know about it before purchasing it.

Many collars are specially made for bigger dogs, and then there are others that only fit the necks of the small dogs.

Do not worry about the size as different companies make collars for all sizes of dogs so you can place your order and purchase those products.

You can easily find the appropriate and the best shock collar for your dogs that will fit properly.

Number of Dogs to be Trained:

If you are a professional dog trainer, then the proper choice for you is to get a product which can easily manage the training of different dogs at the same time. It sounds strange, but it is not an impossible thing to find.

Many companies are manufacturing such products have shock collars which are come in more than two in number. If then it becomes hard to train dogs at the same time, for it is difficult to manage multiple remote controls.

There is a product for bringing ease in the life of the trainers as it can manage up to 9 dogs at the same time. All the collars function with one remote, giving relief to the trainers.

Shock Collar for Dogs


Another essential aspect that comes into light while you are buying a shock collar is the battery. The battery has to be rechargeable.

Many products come with, and it is a drawback of such product as the collars cannot last long. If the battery is rechargeable, then it is easy to use the collar for a couple of days without frequently charging it.

However, there are collars out there that can save their battery power with the automatic feature that keeps the energy stored in the battery.

While you are buying a collar, make sure that the battery of the product is stable and works effectively. This will ensure that you can train your dogs regularly without any delay.

You should have a pair of batteries so would not miss a single moment of training your dogs.

Water Proof Quality:

Waterproof Training CollarIf you are on a mission to train your dogs, then, should also be aware of the accidents that can happen while you are teaching them.

They can drop these collars by mistakes in a pool. To avoid such mistakes, you should use collars, which are water resistant and cannot be damaged if they come in contact with water.

If they are water resistant, then it is a quality that gives you the guarantee that they cannot be damaged by water.

Purchasing a device with quality is worth spending your money on.

Signals Range of Collars:

Another prominent feature to be looked at while looking for the best dog shock collar is the range of the gadget. The wider the range of the device, the easier it becomes to train the dog, especially in a large open area.

Collars which can work only within a small radius are not tremendously very helping while you are trying to train dogs.

Stimulation of the Device:

Most of the shock collars come with three different types of stimuli, and these include vibration, tapping, and shocking. Not all the collars have these 3 stimulations with them.

Many shock collars are made up of one type of stimulation. Collars with all these stimulations are advisable for usage.

Are Shock Collars Safe for Dogs?

Are Shock Collars SafeSafety comes first when you are looking for an appropriate training device. You should go through the prominent features of the collar.

Reviews about the specific device might be helpful in this regard as these help you in knowing about the particular aspect which is eventually not really visible before the use of the product.

The number of stimulation is, in this case, has to be kept in mind. If you are using any stimulation on your dogs, make sure they are not harmed by it, or they feel any discomfort with the use of the product.

Ensure that your dog is safe when you put the product on it to train it.

Is It a Product That is Popular and in Demand?

If you want to pick the best shock collar for dogs, then you have to search upon a particular product and thoroughly go through the specifications of the product. This will help you in making the right choice for buying it.

If more people are in favor of a particular device, then it is actually a product that is of high value and would turn out to be a fantastic product for dog training.

Many products are awarded 5 stars. The approximate number of 5 stars ultimately makes it is a popular and trustworthy product among the masses.

Price of the Device:

Cost of the shock collars becomes vital for those who cannot afford to buy expensive products.

It is not necessary that buying a cheap product would be a poor decision on your part as the device can have the same features as of any expensive one. But money matters because if you can buy the same product at affordable prices, then why not make a choice wisely.

Collar Price


If you are not a professional trainer, then training dogs can give you a headache. So go for the products that will help you in solving the issues regarding the behavior of your pet.

Buy the product that technologically advanced in its features; this will help you train your dogs faster without any professional help.

These shock collars eventually give you a significant advantage in teaching your dogs. They can be trained within a few weeks of training.

Pros and Cons of the Shock Collar:

If you know about the Pros and Cons of the product, then you are at benefit because you will know about the product beforehand.

You can easily know about the product by going through the reviews as well as the blog post that is available online. These will answer all your questions about the product if you should be right to use the product or not.

These guidelines are compiled for the better good of the people.

“How to Safely Use the E Collar”

Directions of Using a Shock Collars:

You will be in much more ease if you purchase a product which is easy to use. Most of the shock collars are not very complicated to use.

If you find any difficulty using them, you could read the instructions in the user’s guide, which could be helpful for you. Do not attach a lead to the collar as it is not designed for it.

You can use them for different purposes, which include aggressive behavior, running away, excessive barking and hunting, etc.

Focus these elements when you are going to purchase a product for training dogs. The best dog training collars will be helpful for this purpose. The right product will solve all these problems if you are struggling with some.

Remote Control Shock Collars: Are They Effective in Training?

Dog Shock Collar With RemoteRemote control collars are readily available in the market for training purposes. They could turn out to be a good option for you if you choose to buy them as they are easy to handle.

Do not give you a hard time in training. They are more practical to use as compared to the other collars. Buyers should look for a dog shock collar with remote. They are safe to use as well.

The Material of the Product:

Use a product that is made up of high-quality material.

Many shock collars come with a nylon strap. The strap is made of a material which cannot do any harm to your dog. They feel comfortable when the collar is strapped on them.

Their ease should be your topmost priority; we do not want the dog to feel irritated throughout the training.

Shock Collar Usage:

Shock collars are not very difficult to operate. The product should come along with a clear set of instructions. This will give you less stress while handling the gadget.

The hassle of using a product can be a hard task. Therefore, it is necessary that the product you are choosing is simple in usage.

Sophisticated devices are mostly not an excellent choice for purchase. The simple, the better as then it can be used by a non- professional trainer as well.

Choosing the Gadget for the Intended Purpose:

Customers should not be hesitant to use the right device for the intended purpose. You should be able to differentiate between collars to choose the good one. If the collar cannot fulfill the proper function for which it is needed, then it is just a waste of your money.

Keep in mind that the collar you are buying is suitable for the teaching working and show dogs and whether it could handle the intensity of the training you are going to carry out with them.

On the other hand, a regular dog which is aggressive can be trained with the help of using a shock collar.

Best Dog Training Collars

Best Dog Shock Collars – Conclusion:

The information mentioned above gives you an insight into various products and can be considered as an option if you are searching for a shock collar.

For your ease and comfort, the prominent features and pros and cons of these products are mentioned in detail.

If you are new in the field of training a dog, then the list of these products will be helpful for you to purchase the correct device.

Also, there are certain tips regarding the purchase of the products. Following these tips, you can take the right decision of purchasing a shock collar through which you can communicate with your dogs.

Go for a product which ensures the safety of the dogs and prevent them from getting harmed by the shock.

The collar will have an impact on the dog as it can play a vital role in changing its behavior and other issues.

So far, the listed products can be categorized as the best dog shock collars. With excellent handwork, we were able to compile an informative list for you people.

We have tried to touch upon every possible detail so you could have all the information in one go.

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