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5 Best Car Seats for Dogs – Reviews & Buying Advice

Taking a trip with your dog by car can be one of the greatest joys for both of you. But have you ever thought about your most loyal friend and how you would make him safe all the way?

Don’t worry; we are here to help you!

After trial and error, we have found that best car seats for dogs offer the most utility without taking up too much space in the car.

However, finding a product with high-quality is necessary. You should consider the following properties if you want to make a smart buying decision, such as:

  1. Quality.
  2. Durability.
  3. Waterproofing.
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The 5 Best Car Seats for Dogs of 2020:

The covers mentioned below are designed to meet the customers’ requirements. Using these covers will help in stressing out less while driving and will make your journey a more pleasant experience.

Table Title
Plush Paws Dog Car Seat Cover55 Inches
BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover60 Inches
URPOWER Waterproof Pet Seat Cover58 Inches
Epica Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover56 Inches
4Knines Dog Seat Cover for Cars54 Inches
Review by: HP Team Rating Score: 4.6 out of 5

Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Dog Seat Cover:

Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Dog Seat CoverPlush Paws is an excellent option for all the people out there who like to travel with their pets.

Despite their rates, which are a bit expensive, these dog booster seats are quite accessible all over the world due to their durability and comfortable texture.

Plush Paws Covers are in demand due to their exceptional features. One fantastic thing is that these covers are user-friendly and save people from damaging the car seats by their pets.

Their designs are also beautiful, and the covers are prepared with high-quality material. They are designed by keeping in mind the protection and safety of pets.


  • Non-Spilling Luxury Covers:

Pets do not slip from the seats of the cars due to their non-slip backings, which provide the opportunity to enjoy jumping around in the backseats of the vehicles.

What makes them a luxury seat cover is its two layers of sheets, i.e., waterproof layer (made up of cotton-polyester) and a middle layer.

  • Diamond Stitch and Easy Cleaning:

The diamond stitch design of the seat not only makes it beautiful but also more durable and gives extra strength. It is a styled hammock cover.

This hammock-style lets your dogs and pets play and sleep comfortably and peacefully. These covers can be washed easily in the washing machines without worrying about the fading of the color.

  • Reinforcements:

The seats also contain reinforcements on the primary key areas. These can be hanged on the backrests of the car to protecting dogs from staying in a fixed position.

This seat cover also has a Velcro closure, which makes it easy to use.

  • Perfect Fitting and Usage:

People can adjust these Seat Covers in cars, SUVs, trucks. They can be perfectly fitted in these vehicles as they are designed for multi-purpose use.

  • Material:

Leather and Upholstery seats are compatible with these car seats, and they stay in a fixed place without being displaced.

It is made up of heavy-duty material. This material is advantageous for the purchase of these covers as it makes the product more durable.


  • Dogs can lie comfortably on these beautiful dog car seats.
  • Protection can be ensured for the seats of the cars. Customers buying this product can keep their leather seats from the scratches of dog paws.
  • The waterproof feature is a striking one and maintains it from damaging and fading.
  • The material of the seat is durable because it is made of high-quality material.
  • It gives protection to dogs and seats, as well.
  • Customers can easily attach these seats in their vehicles as they are designed for multi-purpose use.
  • Seat belts are available for providing support to pet dogs in the backseats.


  • They are designed in a way that they are not suitable for all dogs.
  • Seat covers do not fit dogs of all sizes.
  • No door covers are included in the product.
  • The manufacturers do not use clips on the straps, and it becomes tough to buckle the dog with it.
  • These covers are not one of the cheapest in the market, but they are relatively expensive.


Plush Paws Seat Covers are the perfect choice for people who want to provide their pets with comfort while traveling. These can also be used as a safety measure for dogs protection.

Your seats are safe from the mess created by your dogs. Moreover, the money spent on this seat will be worth it.

These seats are available in different sizes according to your requirements, which make it easy for you to pick up the best one for your lovely pets.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the lives of your pets more accessible and more comfortable.

BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Covers:

BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat CoversBarksBar Luxury Seat Covers are specially designed for the backseats of trucks.

When buying car seats for dogs, customers should keep in mind the security and protection of their pets. It is their priority to provide dogs with a comfortable feel.

It allows pet dogs to enjoy their personal space comfortably by sitting for lying in the backseat of the cars.

These seats provide customers with many exceptional qualities. They stay in their fixed places.

Keeping in mind the safety of the pets, these covers do not slip. Instead, they can be attached to remain in one place.


  • Buckle Clip:

The buckle clip on the side of the seat covers provides the best protection to your dogs. There are head buckles as well, which makes them stay in a definite and fixed place.

  • Bench-Like Design:

The bench-like covers make it comfortable for the dogs to lie on these seats.

Durable and long-lasting seats are a fantastic product for pet dogs.

The bench-like design of the covers is a smart move by the company that brings more life to the interior of the car.

  • Triple Layer Stitching:

The triple layers stitching is another prominent element of these dog booster seats, which makes them extra durable for pet dogs. Along with durability, they enhance the beauty of the product as well.

  • Easy Adjustment:

The covers can easily be managed and adjusted in the backseats of the trucks. It’s made easy by the company to attach the product to your car seat without help. They can be installed manually as they are not complicated to handle alone.

  • Waterproofing and Temperature Resistant:

Barksbar Dog Car Seats are waterproof. Liquids are absorbed, keeping the original seat covers from the damage caused by the animal’s urine.

These dog seats can withstand the low and high temperature easily, and that’s how to ensure the protection of the car.

  • Slippery Material:

The cover is slippery, but the hooks and belts keep them fixed in place. No compromise is made in the making of these seats as they provide ease to the pets throughout the travel.

  • Colorfast Material:

Colorfast material is used in the manufacturing of the product, which resists it from color bleeding. This material makes the color of the product intact. The covers look fresh and new. The color does not fade from these dog covers.

  • Polyester Material:

These luxury pet covers are made up of high-quality, heavy-duty polyester for providing all the durability of the product.

The highest quality used in the making of these luxury covers is for the product to last long.

  • Color:

The black color is mainly used to go with the interior of the cars. The black color is decent and blends with the inside of the vehicles.

  • Chemicals Usage in the Manufacture of the Covers:

These booster seats are free from AOZ dyes, and the company does not use heavy metals in their manufacturing. The company avoids the used of the chemicals in the making of these products.


  • The covers are easy to use and adjust on car seats, which makes it less of a hassle to maintain these covers.
  • Durability is the key, and imposing aspect of buying any product, and these dog car seats provide it.
  • Saves the time of cleaning the hair of the dogs on the covers.
  • Washing these seats is not much of a task as thoroughly as they can be machine washed.
  • Although they can be fixed quickly and provide a safe and secure place for your dogs.
  • Dogs can enjoy the outside fresh air and views by sitting comfortably on these luxury pet seats.
  • Buckling and unbuckling are simple, so it an excellent choice for the customers to buy.


  • These covers contain loose buckles making them unsafe for the dogs.
  • Not suitable for the big breed of dogs.
  • Water may leak through the product if the seam of the covers gets broken.
  • They are not so durable as compared to other dog seats.
  • The surface of the cover is quite slippery.


Barksbar Luxury Pet Car Seat Covers is a product designed primarily to provide ease and comfort in the lives of all the pet owners out there.

They are easy to install, and yet they provide a fantastic safety measure for your pets. They are a reliable and comfortable option for dogs.

This product takes away our customers worry about their seats being damaged by their pets, leaving them scratch less.

Traveling with pets by using these pet car seats can be a more enjoyable task and less traumatic as well for the customers.

If you are really concerned about the safety of your dog, you must try these seats.

URPOWER Pet Truck Seat Cover:

URPOWER Pet Truck Seat CoverThese best car seats for dogs are made by keeping in mind the needs and demands of pet owners out there (traveling with pets can give a tough time for them.)

Usage of these covers is popular among truck drivers because they give their pets a safe and secure place.

If you are traveling to a long-distance, these seats are perfect for you; they provide the advantage for the drivers to concentrate more on the road and less on their pets.


  • Easy Usage:

These dog car seats are made to provide ease not only to the pets but their owners as well. These covers are easy to install inside the trucks.

There are straps on the sides of the seat, and they are attached to the backseat to keeping them in their fixed place.

  • Ideal Sizes:

This product is available in typical sizes. Different sizes are made to fit truck seats as well as to accommodate all kinds of dogs. Giving them all the necessary space they need to enjoy their ride.

  • Material:

The material used in the making of these seats is sturdy that makes them long-lasting and durable.

These dog booster seats are made up of PVC. The unique quality of this material is that dogs do not slip through the seats of the vehicles.

  • Bench and Hammock Configuration:

The bench and hammock configuration are amazingly designed to make them fixable in the backseats of the trucks. Keeping the seat cover entactin a specific place is to provide a secure ride for your dogs and pets.

  • Four-Fold Design:

The four-fold design of these URPOWER Seats makes them easy to keep anywhere as they do not take much of space. This design also makes it easy to attach and detach from your truck seats.

  • Easy to Clean:

The product is excellent for use and does not consume much of the customer’s time to clean it. Purchasers can use a wet cloth or vacuum cleaners to clean them easily.

Due to the material used for these covers, it has the quality not to absorb liquids very quickly to make it easy for the people to clean them.

  • Comfortable and Safe:

The heavy-duty material makes it a safe product for the dogs. Pets can enjoy their space at the backseat of the trucks cozily without any harm. The seat buckles and holes are present for more protection and security.

  • Additional Advantages:

Customers who decide to purchase these truck seat covers can use them not only for their dogs but for their kids as well.

The various aspects of these truck seats can benefit from their different qualities that give dog owners all the time to enjoy a happy journey towards their desired destinations keeping aside the risks of security of their pets and kids.


  • The product takes the worry away from adjusting it to your truck seats due to its design and belts that keep it from slipping off the places.
  • Seats of your trucks have a protective layer over them as these keep pet dogs away from damaging the seats of your vehicles. The buyers should not worry about the scratches on their seats.
  • The waterproof quality of the URPOWER Truck Seat Covers resists your dogs from wetting the car.
  • They can easily be attached and detached to the seats of cars, trucks, and vans, etc.
  • The four-layer protection of these covers makes it safe for your car seats from the damage that could be caused by the pet dogs.
  • There are seat belts as well that provide extra protection and safety.
  • The covers can be used for both pets and kids. There is no strict rule for their specific usage in this regard.
  • They act as a protective shield from dogs to destroy those covers of the seats by their nails.
  • These car seats can be purchased at some fantastic prices from online stores making your life easier as you will get the products at your doorstep.
  • A beautiful cozy place for dogs is the primary reason for the design of these covers.
  • Padded and quilted design of the sheets is to make your pets feel comfortable.
  • The stitching makes it durable as well as attractive.
  • Dirt, grime, and water can be kept away from the seats by installing these covers.
  • No need to wash these cover thoroughly. These can be cleaned by merely swiping wet clothes or vacuuming them.


  • Not the cheapest seat covers in the market.
  • The size of the seats does not fit for all kinds of cars.
  • Although they are stitched, their stitching can be more durable.
  • The design of the covers needs to be altered.
  • Delicate handling is required for these covers, but this is not possible with animals.


Peace of mind is necessary during the journey as traveling requires a lot of concentration, so using these covers bring them less stress regarding your pet dogs. The sheets can be managed efficiently by the customers.

Epica – Deluxe Pet Bench Car Seat Covers:

Epica - Deluxe Pet Bench Car Seat CoversEpica Car Seat Covers are known for being a product that provides all the comfort for your beloved pet. They are also durable, a good option for spending precious money.

These dog seat covers are designed to ensure the protection of the car seats. They are water-resistant and machine washable as well.

The material used in the manufacturing of the seats is of high-quality. It is a protective sheet for the car backseats.

Ease and comfort is the main reason behind their manufacture. As the name suggests, luxury is what these covers ensure for the pet dogs.


  • Set-Up is Easy:

The luxury covers are there for the backseat of the cars, and they can be set up quickly inside the interior of the vehicles. The hassle of doing a task is not required in the installation of this product.

  • Durable:

Another critical aspect of these best seat covers for dogs is they are made up of good quality material. This makes them durable, and customers can benefit from them for a long time.

  • Taking Care of it is Easy:

Taking care of these seats is easy. They can be cleaned by simply wiping them with wet cloths. They can also be spun off in the machines to clean them easily without consuming much time.

  • Quilted Covers:

Epica Seat Covers are comfortable due to their padded and quilted designs as they provide all the necessary comfort for your dogs.

These keep your backseats from being damaged by your pet, who can destroy them by their claws or causing any other accidents.

  • Anchors of the Covers:

The two anchors of the covers can be attached to the seatbelts of the cars. These hooks or anchors are attached at the backrest to the vehicles to support them.

Epica Seats will not be a reason to rip apart the material of the cars.


  • The products are easy to use and provide protection to the backseats of the vehicle.
  • Not a hard task to clean them as they can be easily washed in the machines.
  • They are durable and provide luxury and comfort for the car seats.
  • People can set them up inside their cars in less than a minute.
  • The traveling hours will be spent peacefully and comfortably on these Epica-Deluxe Luxury Pet Seats.
  • The product gives dogs a place to roam easily and with comfort inside the cars.
  • These covers fit easily on different vehicles, whether they are SUVs or small vans.


  • If you are looking for covers for your big dogs, then these covers are not very useful.


Epica Deluxe Covers take all your worry away and let you concentrate on the road more.

Because of the above qualities, you need not worry about money as you are spending on the right product for your pet dogs, although these seats are not recommended for the bigger dogs.

4Knines – Heavy Duty Dog Seat Covers:

4Knines - Heavy Duty Dog Seat CoversThese are hammock shaped covers for the dogs who can comfortably sit on them.

People who are searching for some products to use and save their car seats from damage, these seats are perfect, online orders can be placed to get the delivery of the product at your doorsteps.

The product is a protective cover to avoid the destruction your pet dogs can cause to your car seats.

Durable and comfortable space for your dogs is what these covers ensure inside the cars, although they are expensive as they provide comfort and security for your dogs.


  • Hammock Style Cover:

4Knines Covers are made especially for the protection of your dogs so that they can spend a playful time at the backseat of the car throughout the whole journey.

Enjoyment and security is the topmost priority of the pet owners out there.

The design of this car seat is appealing to the eyes of the people (this cover adds attraction to the interior of the cars.)

These covers can be installed in the cars’ backseat by attaching two belts at the backrest of the front seats and the other two at the backrest of the backseats.

  • Impressive and Good Quality Material:

Good quality material is used in these 4Knines Heavy Duty Dog Car Seats. This makes them durable and long-lasting products for pet lovers.

These seat covers are free from AOZ dyes, and they are temperature resistant. In the making of these seats, no chemicals are used that make them safer for pet dogs.

  • Water Resistant:

This is a quality which is not new as many other seat covers have the same condition. Water-resistance covers are in demand. They keep their color from fading away, and it is easier to clean when dogs wet the spot of the cover.

  • Installation:

The installation process of these covers does not take much time. They can be installed within seconds, and no technical assistance is required for the installation. They are quite handy in this regard.

  • Are You Cleaning These Covers: Easy or Hard?

The companies focused on every aspect while preparing these products to be used by the people. Cleaning covers can be an extra burden on their already occupied lives.

These car seats can be cleaned by swiping a wet towel on it, or if you are in a hurry, then you can throw it in the washing machine, and they will be washed electronically.

  • Colour and Size:

4Knines Seat Covers are readily available in various sizes to fit the backseats of your cars. The sizes available in these covers are two in number. The regular and the extra-large size.

The regular 54-inches are wide to fit most vehicles while the extra-large size is a 60-inches wide to fit oversized SUVs and full-size trucks.

The other covers have little variety in their colors, but these are present in black, grey, and tan. They can enhance and blend in the cars’ interior.


  • They ensure the protection of the dogs.
  • Pets can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride on these covers.
  • Highly recommended for all the pet owners who worry about their pets while driving.
  • One of the best and most excellent qualities of these covers is that they are mildew, abrasion, and wrinkle resistant.
  • This high-quality product makes it a long-lasting product.
  • The usage of this product is easy.
  • Due to its quilted and plush design, they provide ease to the dogs.
  • They are ideal for trucks and SUVs.


  • It does have built-in middle seatbelts with it.
  • Money remains an issue as they are expensive to buy.
  • Bigger dogs are more comfortable on these covers as compared to the smaller ones.


Buyers have in their minds the necessary things for the protection of their pets as well as their cars. Purchasing these 4Knines-Heavy Duty Dog Seat Covers are present for both types of protection for the car seats and your pets as well.

Whenever we decide to buy something, we need to know about the pros and cons of that particular thing; otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money.

Best Car Seats for Dogs – Buyers Guide:

While purchasing dog seats, the following are the things that should be kept in mind by the buyers to ensure the safety and ease of the dogs.

Ensuring the Safety of Pets:

The first and foremost priority of buying dog seats is to make sure those seats are safe and secure for your pet dogs.

Ensuring the safety of the pets will ultimately give you relief while driving your cars throughout your journey.

The covers should have tight belts, so they are adequately buckled in a fixed place, and this would add more to their safety.

Car Seats for Dogs

Comfortable Sitting Place:

If your dogs are comfortable throughout the whole journey, you would be more attentive towards the road rather than your dogs.

Dogs need to feel pleased only when they would stay in one place; otherwise, they would roam around. If they come with comfortable padding and quilting, then it is a plus point for the dog owners.

Size of the Seat Matters?

The appropriate size of the seat also matters while buying the seat covers. The size ultimately should fit not only your car seats, but they should also be fit for the size of the dogs.

The smaller dogs would be happy with the seat bolster, but the large dogs want covers that would be suitable as well as comforting.

Easy Usage:

Another critical aspect in this matter is the easy usage of the seat covers.

Most of the covers are manufactured and designed in a way to provide ease and comfort to the users. This not only saves their time, but it also prevents them from going through the unnecessary hassle.

Extra Storage Capacity:

Many of the seat covers come with extra storage capacity. These storage compartments which are built in most of the seat covers can be used to store dog food and other essential things that would be of use while you are traveling with your dog.

Dog Booster Seats

Cleaning of the Seat Covers:

Cleaning car covers can become an extra burden for the purchase. Buyers should always go through the product descriptions to know about its prominent features.

Companies make car seat cover with material that is not very difficult to clean. Some lids can be cleaned by wiping a damp cloth over them. Many others are safe to wash in the machine.

Easy to Store:

Easy storage also turns out to be advantageous for buyers. The foldable feature of the seat covers makes your life easier. They do not occupy much space, and they can be stored easily in a small place.

The purchasers should not neglect this key feature before buying the product.

Material: Is It Safe for the Dogs!

The material of the product should be kept in mind if you are deciding to buy the best car seats for dogs.

Cotton and polyester are two materials used by the manufacturers. These materials do not bring any harm to your pets and make them feel comfortable, as well.

Pet Car Seat Covers

Final Words:

The list of car seat covers mentioned above gives buyers a detailed analysis of the product with all its pros and cons.

After thoroughly going through the list of car covers, one can make the decision and buy the required product, which is not only suitable and appropriate for the dogs, but they make comfortable as well.

The compiled list is for the ease of the purchasers so they could choose the right product without wasting money.

In short, these covers should be safe, secure, durable, and long-lasting and easy to handle.

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