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Apple Head Chihuahua – What You Should Know?

Do you have any information about “Apple Head Chihuahua?”

Chihuahuas are the most entertaining, joyful, and most fun-loving dogs and tend to get generous and close to their masters or owners.

These small dogs are usually also known as terrific guards or protectors. These qualities are combined with their excellent intelligence with the capability of fantastic learning abilities of news skills and tricks taught by the owner or trainer.

Despite the fact the name is quite charming and attractive, the very Apple Head is, nevertheless, literally Chihuahua, having two main known kinds of times.

For the purposes of finding out that what kind of Chihuahua you do possess, you will have to have a look at the coat on it, and you would observe that either it would be long-haired or it would be with short hair.

The name of Chihuahua, which is given by all and sundry and common human beings, is “Apple Head” to identify and provide an identity to a beautiful and specific shape of its head, which is more similar to a dome shape.

Other than that, the research studies also indicated that the very name “Apple Head” is rendered to the dog by AKC Standards for the most specific and unique figure of the head.

Similarly, according to their very own standards and applied compliance, the shape of the head is defined as “a well-rounded apple Nob skull, with or deprived of Molera.”

The most important aspect which must be considered by everyone before buying this breed of this dog is to look out for eye troubles and disorders related to the respiration system.

  • Breed Family: Toy
  • Height: 5-8 inches
  • Weight: 3-5 pounds
  • Color: Black, black & tan, chocolate, cream, fawn, red
  • Dog-Friendly: 2/5
  • Temperament: Alert, courageous, devoted, lively, intelligent
  • Activity Levels: Upwards of 1 to 2 hours per day
  • Needs for Grooming: Low maintenance
  • Life Span: 10-18 years
  • Price: $300 to $900
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Apple Head Chihuahua – Kind of the Breed:

The Chihuahua is classified as one of the smallest dogs in the world and is most frequently known as the toy breed. Also, the Chihuahua Apple Head is the most favorite and equally appropriate as a pet.

Unlike other breeds, while living in a warm atmosphere, the Chihuahua tends to feel most comfortable and relaxed.

Other names were given to the Chihuahuas Apple Head:

Apple Head Teacup Chihuahua, Long-haired Chihuahua, Short-haired Chihuahua, Apple Head Chihuahua.

A Brief History of the Apple Head Dogs:

It is believed that the Chihuahua dog was found and discovered in Mexico as early as 1850 and tend to be bred for the purpose of food. Still, their utilization and participation in religious traditions have been significant. They were also offered rewards for their service.

The hierarchy of the dog’s breed is not very detailed. However, some might claim that their family system goes back to the old Mexican breeds, whereas the most current generation of the same race is comprised of two primary kinds.

Due to the difference in size, appearance, and beauty, other than a Chihuahua, people casually give another love name to the very dog as well, such as pocket-size or teacup, and so on.

And it is worth mentioning that these names are given on the basis of physical appearance, and the rest of such names does not depict any other separate generation or type of Chihuahua.

How Do Chihuahua Apple Head Dogs Appear?

Teacup Chihuahua

These dogs are commonly considered as a most lovable and cute breed since their eyes are quite glowing and offer a dark circled texture.

As far as the hair on their body is concerned, mainly, they have either long or short hairs, which is one of the aspects that distinguish them from one another.

There are numerous colors of the Chihuahua dogs, and there are stains that are quite visible on skulls and termed as Molera.

The size and weight might vary in different dogs, but on average, the height usually grows from 6 to 9 inches while the mean weight goes from 2 to 6 pounds.

Food & Caring Perspectives:

Chihuahua Dogs are not like other mainstream dogs concerning the food and their eating habits. They remain comfortable and well-performing if their feeding habits and diet routine remain consistent throughout the time.

Most convenient and favorite food of the very dogs is usually brown rice and chicken products, whereas, the meat of the beef is often not considered suitable for Apple Head Chihuahua.

As far as hygiene and cleanliness aspects are concerned, these Chihuahua dogs must be given shower at least once a month, and at the same time, their hair must be cleaned and brushed over different periods of the time to ensure that they have a clean and light feel to live with.

At the same time, proper care should be undertaken with respect to the trimming of the nails.

Besides, health is a significant thing to care about; your Chihuahua Apple Head dog will need a doctor check-up on an annual basis with proper and well-structured vaccinations over the times.

“How to Take Care of a Chihuahua”

Sheltering Applehead Chihuahua:

Apple Head Chihuahuas are most appropriately known as more prone to indoor living dogs, which need a friendly, warm, and clean atmosphere for their survival.

They tend to enjoy and have fun by wandering out places, so it is highly recommended to have a keen look at them while they are sitting on the bed or couch, but do ensure to not to bother them and let them live with due freedom.

The Attitude of These Dogs Towards People:

Other than the other, the behavior of the Apple Head Chihuahua might not be enjoyable, and they tend to react weirdly to the strangers and hence are not recommended to be exposed to kids openly.

Overall Training & Managing:

The Apple Head Chihuahua is a dog that is quite widely known for its robust, will, and hence the same quality could cause difficulty in training. However, being trained with love and rewarding, they could learn super quickly and perform smartly.

Performance & Exercise:

Applehead Chihuahua usually does not need a lot of exercising and workout. However, a little walk is required on a regular basis. Also, these Chihuahua dogs tend to enjoy playing outdoors and indoors equally well.

Reproducing Abilities:

The Apple Head Chihuahua dogs are prone to have issues with eye problems and gum disorders, and they need to look after in the same regard.

In the same way, their reproduction partners should be found with that aspect in mind.

Other Generic Health Disorders:

A unique size of the Apple Head Chihuahua’s nose and eyes are more prone to several kinds of disorders like colds or wheezing, and thus there is the requirement of regular checkups and treatment.

As previously mentioned, the Apple Head Chihuahuas are vulnerable to respiratory problems, so all the necessary steps must be conducted to make sure that they have a living environment that is free from dust and allergic components.

Apple Head Chihuahua vs. Deer Head Chihuahua:

An overwhelming majority of the people find it difficult to see the difference between Apple Head and Deer Head dogs. Nevertheless, the significant differences are as piled up below:

The Shape of Head:

In contrast to the relatively short muzzle of the Apple Head, the Deer Head is naturally born with a more prominent nose and thinner size of the muzzle. In the same, the Deer Head dogs tend to give a broader slope view from the side or angled view.

Weight & Magnitude:

The Apple Head has moderately short legs as compared to the Deer Head Chihuahua, who has quite long legs and a thinner body. There is also a difference with regard to weight as the Deer Head has more weight than the average weight of Apple Head.

The Difference in Health:

Many might be unaware of the fact. Still, in actuality, the Deer Head dog is not ready and entirely built to comply with the regulated breed standards; it is mainly underdeveloped.

So now everyone will have a question in mind that which dog has better health? The answer is that the Deer Head dog is less prone to suffer from issues like breathing or dental soreness.

Apple Head Chihuahua VS Deer Head Chihuahua

Which Dog is More Famous Among People?

In the early 1950s until the mid of the 1960s, the Deer Head dogs were quite many pets, but then trends changed, and appeal for the pets changed drastically.

Having that said, the Deer Head dogs still not totally went out of the trendy and demand, they give a fierce competition to the unique and enchanting looking Apple Head dogs. Yet, on a concluding note, from the past few decades, Apple Head Chihuahuas are more popular among the people of different ages and backgrounds.

Price of the Apple Head Chihuahuas:

For all the ones, who are persuaded to buy an Apple Head Chihuahua after reading the features as mentioned earlier of it, then there is a question that rises, which is, how much would it cost?

For the price factor, there are mainly two kinds of trends.

  1. One is related to an ethical breeder who hardly tends to raise the price up just on the basis of the breed.
  2. The second type is of those less reputed sellers who usually steep up the costs of making the buyers perceive that they have something very “scarce” to sell.

You have to keep the faith that the Apple Head breed is not rare and not very hard to find at the same time.

Now again, the question arises that what exactly will be the price for this specific dog? The answer is that it varies from $300 to $900 on average.

“Apple Head Chihuahua Dog Breed Information”

Apple Head Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

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